Praise For The Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame. Marketing Campaign.

The blogosphere is starting to buzz about what the brilliant minds at Team Amistad are doing to cross-promote my wonderful new novel, Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame.

(…hey, I can call my own work ‘wonderful’ if I want to…people toot their own horns all the time).

Check out what The Crime Sistahs had to say about us:

I love to see publishers coming up with new and innovative ways to to promote books. Case in point, Harper Collins/Amistad’s promotion of Lolita’s Files new book, Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame., which I’ve already added to my mountain high and growing TBR pile. Not only has Amistad created a trailer for the book, but according to Black, a promotional soundtrack featuring debut recording artist Silena Murrell, who will even be appearing at some booksigning with Ms. Files.

Personally, I think all books should come with soundtracks. Not only is it a great way to promote new books but think of all the new musical talent it could bring to the limelight. Plus, doing joint signings with recording artists, who could perform a song or two, could add interest to boring booksignings and readings and draw foot traffic. I think it’s a win win situation all around.

How cool is THAT?!!

We love it when we’re trendsetters. And that’s not the royal ‘we’ I’m using, either. It’s The Big We: me, Team Amistad (Gilda, Jen, Rockelle, Dawn, and Yona), Silena Murrell, Al “Butter” McLean, Mel Jackson, Shaun Robinson, and writers like Eric Jerome Dickey and Victoria Christopher Murray, among others. A lot of clever and talented minds have come together to pitch in on this, and even more have been showing us tremendous love, especially you, my readers and friends—people like Big Baller Bill “Willie D.” Hobi, Ettevy, Lance, Cort, and my new friend and fellow Libran, Diedre Ware, Lo Zone readers like CandaceK, J., LBoogie, and Anonymous (who knew Anonymous was such a popular name?)—all of whom have been doing outstanding things to help spread the word, one drumbeat at a time, and entertainment journalists like the awesome Karu F. Daniels.

Aw hell, let’s just all get in a big ol’ circle, hug, and sing Kumbaya. So much love, so much love. Whodathunk a twisted, murderous, fun-filled book could teach the world to sing…in perfect harmony? *Sigh* Makes you want to crack open a Coke Pepsi, don’t it?

The Crime Sistahs: Books & Music

7 thoughts on “Praise For The Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame. Marketing Campaign.

  1. >Anonymous: The day you out that I'm under 21 will be one of the most hilarious days in recent history. There'll be so huge an emergence of protesters screaming, "I FUCKED THAT BITCH IN '82, AND SHE WAS ALREADY LONG IN THE TOOTH THEN!!", it'll make the James Frey backlash look like nothing!! On second thought, maybe we should out me. Let's push the lie!!! The world will run out and get sex.lies.murder.fame., and I'll be RICH, BITCHES!!!!!


  2. >Lo – the more i read you the more i am convinced that you are OUT OF YOUR MIND – i love it! I EXPECT DAT MICKY-FICKY TO FALL OFF THE SHELVES LIKE A WHORES PANTIES – SO GET READY TO DO THE THE DAMN THING!!!


  3. >ROFL!! Truth is, LBoogie, I'm certifiable. But that's how I get by. I've taken what could have been a crippling handicap (my insanity) and turned it into a marketable tool by spewing it into my books and this blog. And the funny part is…IT'S WORKING!!!


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