>Get Your Motor Running…

>What the heck is going on in this household that they’ve got so many issues regarding fast driving and breaking the law in general?

Per TMZ.com:

The wife of rapper and actor DMX was ticketed for allegedly driving 106 mph on Interstate 684 in northern Westchester, State Police said.

Her husband was clocked at 104 mph in December 2004.

State Police said Tashera Simmons, 34, was stopped early Sunday morning in a 2000 Mercedes-Benz traveling north on I-684 in a 65-mph zone with four children who were not wearing seat belts.

She was driving that fast and the kids weren’t in seatbelts? WTF?

I get the feeling that somehow, although I don’t know how he wrangled it, our buddy…

The Notorious P.R.I. is involved.

TMZ.com: Rapper’s Wife Charged With Driving 106 Mph
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