Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame.: The Book Tour!!!

It’s coming your way in the next two weeks, and it’s going to be chock loads of fun for all. Silena Murrell (and possibly some of the other artists from the Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame. soundtrack) will even be performing with me in select cities, so you’ve just gotta come out and hang!!!

5 thoughts on “Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame.: The Book Tour!!!

  1. >You should come to Phoenix! I usually make a weather argument, but you're from LA, so I can't tempt you with 75-degree days in February… ps – got the CD today! Thanks!!


  2. >I may actually try to do something in Phoenix, J. A very close friend who used to own a bookstore in St. Louis lives there now, and we've knocked around ideas about it. And it's so close to L.A., I could be there in a flash. Glad to know you got the cd. Hope you enjoy!!


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