>All The World Loves A Recovered Druggie With An Overblown Story To Tell

>Further proof that the James Frey shitstorm did nothing to stave off the publishing world’s insatiable desire for inflated pseudo-truths mined from the fried gray matter of a person of questionable character…

…today’s Page Six has the following:

ANTHONY Bourdain, watch your back! Jeff Henderson, executive chef at Las Vegas’ Bellagio, learned how to cook while in prison for coke-dealing. Now he’s written a memoir. Rights to “From Cocaine to Foie Gras” were snatched at auction last week by William Morrow for Henderson’s tale of running a big San Diego drug operation, and then learning how to sling more than hash in jail from the how-to tome, “Becoming a Chef,” by Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page.

Expect Henderson to regale the public with tales of how he perfected his recipe for chocolate ganache while simultaneously blowing rails off food groupies’ asses and mainlining heroin through an auto-syringe hooked up between his toes. A Smoking Gun expose’ follows. Public humiliation and colossal checks ensue…

New York Post: Page Six: Free-Basting?

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