Four Above.

Finally, the movie based on me and my dogs and how we all came together is coming out.*

Of course, they made the lead a white male (natch) and doubled the number of dogs, but hey, that’s Hollywood. They whitewash everything and have a tendency to aggrandize.

Still, I’m so excited our story’s hitting the big screen!!! My (cute nickname alert===>) Poopers are such a loyal heroic bunch. I’d still be stuck in that snow bank in the Antarctic wilds if it weren’t for them, and it’s time the rest of the world celebrated my four furry friends for the wonders that they are.

Go see our story. It’ll make you run out and get your own crew of four-footed lifesavers. Soon the world will be filled with dog teams and the people who love them. Imagine how great a planet that would be!!!

*Okay, so this movie isn’t based on me and my dogs. So what, I’m going to keep saying that it is. How else can I explain having three Shibas and an Akita?

After a while, the phrase “You have how many dogs?” gets kind of old. Eight Below is our story and we’re sticking to it!!!

Eight Below: The Official Movie Website

4 thoughts on “Four Above.

  1. >i ain't gon' front…FUCK DISNEY!my reason, well for one. cuba gooding, jr did a similar DISNEY movie in 2002 called "snow dogs" which did pretty well at the box, just 'clipsing over $81 mil. so, what's this…another rehash of so called "true" story? now, it's a white boy? please.and another thing….and let ME know if i'm wrong, i can take the criticism…but how is it that there are NO AFRICAN-AMERICAN ANIMATED FILMS FROM DISNEY? oh, surrrre…give us all that shit like beauty and the beast (white girl BEAUTY & dark brother; *ahem*..BEAST) mulan (asian gal) pocahantas (indian) aladdin (middle eastern) and don't forget, snow white, cinderella, (WHITE!)…but us, we're the voices in the LION KING.what the fuck?!voices? that's it? yeah, that's it. BLACK VOICES (not the website)no faces/bodies, like africa is all animals, lions, monkeys and shit, fuck the people. nothing to represent us, but YET, dem fux at DISNEY don't have a problem when WE HAVE TO BUY ALL THAT SHIT FOR OUR KIDS, because they (kids) all adore those cartoons for the universal appeal but c'mon people, y'all can see beyond the bullshit, can't you?we've PHYSICALLY been in outer space, politics, created some of the greatest inventions known to mankind, and adventurers all over the world, but no one at DISNEY or HOLLYWOOD can't make or invest in an inspiring full-length feature animated film about us? ….the middle finger has risen once again!!!!


  2. >Damn, y'all!! Lance has been possessed by the ghosts of Malcolm, Pac, Martin, Huey, AND Tookie (the pre-rehabilitated version)!!!! Not that he's not telling the truth, but damn. I'm scared-a that middle finger. Watch out, y'all…that thing might be loaded!!!


  3. >wow!!! Everybody put yo big black hands together for brother lance shabazz!!! Brother lance will be heading the get on the bus to boycott disney this spring in orlando, and hollywood. please see sistah soulja for more details. roflmao!!!!i feel you lance we still have alooonnnggggg way to go. spike has started the kids book thing so maybe that's next! I hope!!!


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