>Star-Crossed Lies

>See, this is how a lie gets started. According to gossip website Media Take Out, Star Jones Reynolds and her husband Al are headed for divorcement.

Per the site:

Media Take Out has learned that Star Jones and Al Reynolds marriage may be on its last legs.

Al Reynolds and Star Jones have been frantically touring the country to promote Star’s new book, Shine. However, the busy schedule and pressure to sell books is taking its toll on the usually happy couple – causing them to fight constantly. According to sources close to the couple, this weekend the fighting exploded. A close friend to Ms. Jones says, “Star is so upset with Al that she’s not even wearing her wedding ring.”

Media Take Out has confirmed that the last few taping of ABC’s The View, Ms. Jones has NOT been wearing her wedding ring. Developing…

This is the picture they had on their website of Star without her ring.

But I watched The View today, and I took this pic with my cameraphone:

The ring is there in full effect. And it looks like Star’s wearing the same outfit and her hair’s the same and everything, so I’m assuming they took their pic today as well. ONLY MINE SHOWS THE CORRECT HAND WHERE THE RING WOULD BE. I guess they figured people would look at the picture on their site and help fuel the rumor.

One of my best friends recently saw the couple at Star’s booksigning in D.C. She marveled over how truly in love they seemed, and the adoring way that Al looked at his wife as she spoke to the crowd.

Ahhhhhhh…black love. So beautiful. Bad, bad lying website. Shoo!! Be gone!! Leave Star and Al alone!!!

By the way, doesn’t she look great in this pic from the Super Bowl XL Gridiron Glamour Celebrity Fashion Show and Brunch?

Media Take Out.com

One thought on “>Star-Crossed Lies

  1. >STOP THE PRESSES!!!!….hold up.if you looky-look at those images again, you have a point wif yo' gee – o. bush spy-cam, but..the wedding band is SUPPOSE to be on the LEFT HAND, not right. but that RING is on her RIGHT handwhich leaves this brother to drowsly think? is AL on the D.L. after all? y'all ain't seen shit yet…wait til al's tell all book comes out! QUICK LO! find out via the PAGE 6 spies where STAR used to get her grub on at, 'cause when al's book hit the shelves, we's 'vesting in stock in all those restaurants. she'll be swol' in no time!!!!


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