>Why Parents Should Seriously Consider What They Name Their Children

>Apparently Tiger Woods has taken his name literally and is attempting to manifest tiger-like characteristics, starting with his hair.

This was how he looked last night on Conan O’Brien. Yup, people. Them there’s gold stripes in ol’ Tiger’s head.

And he sat there with a straight face, like nothing was wrong, like his hair wasn’t a natural magnet for every eyeball in the room, including Conan’s.

This is what happens when you have so much money and perceived power that the people around you are too afraid to say anything. Sadly, I’ll bet no one in Tiger’s camp will tell him how jacked-up his stri-ped (say it like it’s got two syllables) hair is. It’ll have to come from an outsider, probably a crackhead on the street.

You can always count on a crackhead to tell you the truth.

4 thoughts on “>Why Parents Should Seriously Consider What They Name Their Children

  1. >hahahaha…i didn't see the show, but it's all a phase. you know, like michael jackson. he's probably still finding himself. after all HE IS the man, barnone in GOLF. HE IS one of the world's richest athletes (running neck & neck with formula one racing driver michael schumacher)and he can afford to look silly if he wants too. if anything, he may start a trend (washout watercolors, of course) with young and old golfers looking to improve their game. hey, if tiger can do it, so can i. JUST DO IT!and keep this in mind….the one thing his name doesn't have to worry about or fear is rejection in getting a job. imagine all the shamekas, tawandas, lakeishas, deshauns, tyreks of the world, who's resumes hit the trash can before eyes really read them.that's what parents should REALLY SERIOUSLY consider what they name their children.


  2. >I guess you told me, Lance. Cool. That's just given me the go sign to name my firstborn Ocelot (irrespective of gender), just as I'd always planned. Imagine the doors that are going to fly open for my kid!!!


  3. >Lo-How do you pronounce the babies name? Lance welcome to my world – I got a hot ghetto name in america. In Africa i'd be a queen. Employers look at my name and know I am black. So I gave my offspring simple key chain names hoping they would get a better shake in america. What has really freaked me out is I have met white gurls named Tameka, Shameka and TaWanda and I am scared – I don't know what they are up too…


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