>The Final Honor Of A Great, Great Lady.

>Yesterday, Coretta Scott King was laid to rest in an extraordinarily regal and beautiful ceremony befitting the royalty that she was. Four of the five living presidents were present…

…and Bush gave a most respectful, dignified, uplifting speech

…proving that he did, in fact, care about black people. At least, for that day. A stellar array of speakers paid their respects, giving this iconic woman the due she was more than entitled to.

The funeral program that was given to the attendees was just as memorable.

Twenty-eight pages offering a glimpse into a fully-realized life…

…spanning from childhood to now, touching on all the love…

…struggle, tragedy…

…triumph, and wonderment in between.

It included a letter from the President…

…as well as a letter from the mayor of Atlanta, and a Proclamation from the governor of Georgia commemorating her life.

(Click the following link to view or download the entire program. File is in .pdf format):

Rest well, our beloved one. You’ve definitely earned your place in the kingdom.

Washington Post.com: Coretta Scott King’s Legacy Celebrated in Final Farewell
Washington Post.com: President Bush Delivers Remarks at the Funeral of Coretta Scott King

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