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Okay, so Grey’s Anatomy and its motley cast of characters redeemed itself with me this week, although the show itself was off the chizains. Really. The show was the bomb, in more ways than one.

From George’s major man-up moment helping deliver Dr. Bailey’s ain’t-no-stoppin’-me-now baby, to Bailey chastising George to stop looking at her “Va-jay-jay” as the baby came out, last night’s episode was mesmerizing, bonafide gripping television, with a conclusion to last week’s cliffhanger that delivered, and then some.

…to Bailey’s husband dying on the operating table in another room just as his baby was being born (and then being revived by Dr. McDreamy, who refused to take death for an answer)…

…to me thinking maybe Meredith had finally met the real love of her life in the guy from the bomb squad who she finally gave the bomb…

…to watching, along with Meredith…

…that delusional fantasy (on my part) die on the vine…

…as dude and said bomb went up in a shrapnel-rich puff of disaster as he gingerly walked away (without a helmet or mask, as my editor Jen pointed out…)

…and we momentarily think Meredith is so damn dead (not!!), but it’s all good, because George finally gets the three-girls-in-the-shower scene he dreamt about last week…

…with Meredith, Izzie, and Cristina, although it was slightly different than he originally envisioned it…

…and Meredith certainly didn’t look like she had hot lesbian action on her mind.

…more like a cool rush of water to ease the pain of that searing blast…

…to Cristina and Dr. Burke finally saying “I love you” to each other, even though each did it while the other was asleep…

…and Dr. McDreamy remembering, with almost obsessive/stalkerish detail, his last kiss with Meredith, right down to the lavender smell in her freshly-washed hair and the hole at the back of the neck of her ratty t-shirt.

It was all so much. Great, great viewing, and I learned some stuff in the process.

Three things I took from last night’s episode:

1. It really is a damn good show. Shonda Rhimes is the shit, and she totally made that gratuitous Super Bowl Shower Moment work to her advantage.

2. George has the ability to see into the future, but his lens is real, real, real fucked up.

3. Meredith is keenly attuned to her intuition (last week’s episode started with her rambling about feeling like she was going to die, and she almost did), but, like George, her keen intuition is skewed in real, real, real, real fucked-up kind of way. The next time she announces she feels like she’s going to die, whoever’s in the room should make a break for it, because you can rest assured one of them is about to bite it, not her. Which makes her either the world’s greatest empathizer (taking on the feeling of the actual fates of others), or a modern-day narcissistic Cassandra (“I tell you, I’M the one who’s going to die, not you!! It’s MY destiny!! If anybody’s going to die today, it’s ME!!!”—meanwhile the people around her are dropping like flies.)

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2 thoughts on “>Grey’s Insanity

  1. >I'm still trying to calm down from last night's episode…And have named today, national bomb squad appreciation day. Wjat selfless brave individuals. I read that Shonda worked closely with squad memebers to make it real. This is something they must go through again and again, the hope, and then the tragedy…Also where are the police and arrest warrants? Who in metro-seattle is allowed to shoot things like that and not get arrested!


  2. >Girl, It's a good thing I do watch and tivo my show at the same time because you give the breakdown to a tee!!!!!Grey's is most def the best show on TV, my son is even having "water cooler" talk about it at school, now that is crazy, who would have thunk it.


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