Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame. In Page Six This Weekend!!!

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Just in case y’all missed it, me and my brand new book, Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame., were boldfaced names in what is arguably the country’s most powerful gossip column, the New York Post’s Page Six. The piece read as follows:

CELEBRITIES know how to get their names boldfaced on Page Six: Do something stupid. But novelists have their own means of getting their books in the column: They refer to Page Six in their writing, repeatedly. In “Fabulosity” by fiercely fabulous Kimora Lee Simmons, the thin-skinned Baby Phat designer pretends she doesn’t mind bad press. “For your name to be a bold-faced headline – come on!” she writes. Then, in an obvious reference to us, she says, “It says something about your status! It says something that your name would be bigger than the writer’s name or bigger than the column’s name on the top of the page above all the other gossiped-about people.” OK. In “Sex. Lies. Murder. Fame.” – a new mystery by Lolita Files – Page Six is mentioned no fewer than 10 times. The campy rip-off of “All About Eve” – featuring an immoral writer-model-rapper and the publishing upstart he leeches onto – says: “Page Six had been quiet, oblivious to everything, missing the hotbed of action right under its omnipotent nose.” And “…not as long as there was a Page Six, whose faceless, ubiquitous spies were legion.” Thanks.

While my book is neither a mystery nor a rip-off of All About Eve, it does mention Page Six several times because of situations that the characters keep getting themselves into. We’re thrilled at being included in their column. It makes the whole thing so very…meta. Life imitating art imitating life. Or something like that.

New York Post Online: Page Six: Good Rule For Every Writer Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame.

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