Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame. In PW Daily!!!

Check out this MAJORLY COOL, MAJORLY SIGNIFICANT, high-profile piece my new book, Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame., just got in today’s PW Daily newsletter. For those who don’t know, Publishers Weekly is THE most important magazine in the publishing industry. It’s the equivalent of Variety for the television and film industry, and Billboard for the music industry. Next week’s issue of Publishers Weekly has a feature of Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame. and the clever approach Amistad/HarperCollins took in marketing the book by creating a soundtrack and a film trailer. PWDaily is their daily newsletter that arrives to subscribers via e-mail. It’s read throughout the publishing world, so this was definitely a nice bit of exposure for us all.

Here’s what the article looks like (I did a little cutting and pasting):

[click to go to the actual article]

There are some things that I would be grossly remiss in if I didn’t correct:

The excerpts on the soundtrack are read by the delicious actor MEL Jackson (not “Al”).

There is, however, an Al that should have been mentioned, the great and wonderful music producer, Al “Butter” McLean, who came through like a champ when we enlisted his help. Butter found three of the artists and their perfectly-suited songs for the soundtrack (not me, I wouldn’t have the first clue how!!), and the songs ROCK. I mean, really. Those of you who’ve heard the soundtrack know what I’m talking about.

Also, my AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING, SUPER-DUPER, RELENTLESS PUBLICIST at Amistad’s name is Gilda SQUIRE (no “s” on the last name). Team Amistad has made this whole thing a dream, and Gilda just doesn’t give up when it comes to making things happen. How lucky am I to have her in my corner?

And, oh yeah, Child of God was my fourth book.

Me making those corrections doesn’t mean I’m not thrilled for PW’s coverage. I’m ECSTATIC!!! I just want to make sure that all the people who have made this whole thing come together so wonderfully get their proper due. This is definitely NOT a one-woman show, and I won’t fake the funk for one minute to make anyone think it is.

Thanks to all of them, and thanks to ALL OF YOU for supporting me and this book and all my other ones as well. Let’s all hold hands and get in a big circle. Who wants to start the first verse of Kumbaya? Novel Video Promo from Amistad

5 thoughts on “Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame. In PW Daily!!!

  1. >congrats lo…and this is just the beginning! i wouldn't be surprised to see s.l.m.f. as a movie trailer too.hmmmm……like french fries, get'em while they're hot!!!!


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