>File Under, "Gee, What A Shock."

>TMZ.com reports that Michael Jackson’s marriage to baby seller baby pimp babies’ mama, Debbie Rowe might not have exactly been traditional love:

TMZ has obtained a ruling from a California Court of Appeal, issued today, rejecting Michael Jackson’s claim that Debbie Rowe gave up her parental rights. In the decision, there’s a revealing passage from the trial judge who commented on the marriage between Jackson and Rowe.

“It was an arranged deal from the beginning… This was not a mom and dad saying, ‘Hey, let’s have a family that we’re going to raise.'”

Not unless you mean ‘raise’ in the ‘cultivate crop’ sense, as in Michael was trying to ‘raise’ his own batch of tenderonies so he wouldn’t have to go to outside sources anymore.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, we kid. We kid we because we love…(to kid).

TMZ.com: Jackson’s Marriage To Rowe ‘Arranged’

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