The LoLena Experience (Fort Bragg, NC)

That would be The Lolita/Silena Experience (or the Silena/Lolita Experience…take your pick).

We made our first tour appearance today at the PX at Fort Bragg, and boy, was it A BLAST!!!

Linda, Sert, and Mable at the PX took SPECTACULAR care of us.

No lie, these women were real gems.

And look at this great display they put together…

Look at all those juicy books. Yum. You just want to eat them up, don’t you?


These women hand-sold the book to everyone who walked in the front doors. Look at Mable going after dude…

…you just know my name and Silena’s were clanging in his head for the rest of the day.

I mean, no one escaped. Check out Linda

…I don’t know what she said to him, but he looks verrrrrrrrry afraid to leave without a copy of Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame. and a soundtrack.

Several obstacles threatened to get in the way of our event—delayed flights, re-routed arrivals—but positivity prevailed, obstacles be damned, and all was wonderfully right with the world.

Here’s the stage where it all went down…

And, as you can see, Silena RIZZOCKED



Dude’s VIDEOTAPING her, okay??????

How cool is THAT??!!!


Folks are just watching her in awe.

And people, when I say that this girl’s voice is AMAZING, I’m not blowing sunshine at you. It sounds ten times better than it does on the cd, and it sounds blazing on the cd. My mouth was open as I watched her sing. She hits Mariah Carey octaves…STRONG. Her voice is hellapowerful.

Little kids were even standing there with their mouths open, and you know how honest kids can be

This young girl couldn’t wait to get her copy of the soundtrack signed. (Of course, she can’t listen to it until she’s one hundred and ten.)

And the fans were excited to get the book.

Like Mark and Vickie

…and Soror Meme

…and Stephanie


(“Colonel,” okay??? because my book is NOT chick lit)

…and she knows it…

…so the rest of you need to man up like the Colonel and get my book too!!!

It was all soooo much fun. And Linda, Sert, and Mable not only had food waiting for us…

…they also sent us off with these lovely parting gifts!!!

Thank you ladies!!!

(We love gifts!!! Oh, and if the rest of you are at a loss as to what to give us…see the next post I do after this one…)

Alright, one mo’ ‘gin, people. Say it along with Silena:

“The Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame. Tour ROCKS!!!!”

Come out and see for yourself!!!

BIG LOVE to the gilded (yup, folks, she’s pure gold) GILDA SQUIRE, my publicist at Team Amistad, who HELD IT DOWN for us today. We’re so blessed to have her pulling miracles out of thin air on our behalf. There are no big budgets at work here, people. Just a whole lot of folks believing in each other and their dreams.

Oh, and don’t worry if you don’t see me in these pictures. My essence (say it the way Strange’ said it in Boomerang —“eh-SAWNZ“) is there. And you’ll be seeing pics of me soon enough. Trust.

Stay tuned for more reports from the field.

Next stop: New York City!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame.: The Book Tour!!!

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