The Magical Mystery Boots.

As many of you out there who know me or follow my work know, I am an avid lover of nice, sexy shoes. Well, today I discovered (I’m convinced of this, y’all) that I have a magical pair.

These gorgeous boots were given to me as a gift by a very, very dear friend who was instrumental in encouraging me during the writing of my new book, Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame.

I’ve had them since the fall of 2004, but I’ve never worn them, wanting to break them in at just the right moment for just the right event. They are a stunning pair of black, silk Gucci boots with crystal baguettes in the shape of a “G” on the back of the right heel.

Well, I decided that today was a worthy enough day to break them in. Now, here comes the magical mystery part…

All manner of madness attempted to keep our first event from going smoothly. Airports were bugging out, planes schedules were bonkers, it started raining out of nowhere, all kinds of foolishness…

But none of it prevailed. And I’m CERTAIN it’s because I was wearing The Magical Mystery Boots.

Every.Single.Threatening.Disaster was circumvented. A plane that was actually leaving on time was even delayed so Silena could catch it…ALL BECAUSE OF MY MAGICAL MYSTERY BOOTS.

I’ve decided that the “G” on the back of the boots isn’t for Gucci, despite what the Gucci people might say. The “G” on MY boots stands for GOD.

He’s got this. No weapons formed against us shall prosper.

Ha!!! How about THAT!!!! God truly works in mysterious ways. Who knew He’d come in the form of a protective pair of boots? These bad boys are like a superhero’s cape. Wanna know how truly magical they are? Brand new shoes, especially shoes this pointy and tapered at the toe, usually hurt the first time you wear them until you break them in. These were IMMEDIATELY comfortable. My feet never even got sore as I walked all over the place, meeting, greeting, and doing the do. For hours.

Expect to see me sleeping in my Magical Mystery Boots, and perhaps wearing them all throughout my tour.

For real.

Thank you, Bill, a billion times over for these (literally) heavenly heels. They’re better than Dorothy’s ruby slippers.

My shoes got God in ’em.

2 thoughts on “The Magical Mystery Boots.

  1. >niiiiice. i like that with the G. classy, no doubt. if would have been tacky as hell if there was another G on the other boot. just one will do.aiight, LBOOGIE! gettin' like 50cent over there!!!! robbin' and stuff… ;-P


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