Four Guys And A Girl Walk Into A Bar…

Yeah, yeah…I know you probably think this is one of those “a duck, a chicken, a turtle, and a squirrel walk into a bar” jokes. Well, it’s not. And, actually, we all didn’t walk into the bar together. It was more like, “A guy and a girl walked into a bar, and met up with three other guys.

Yeah. That’s more like it.

The bar in question?

Bar 89 down in Soho. New York City. The Big-Ass Apple.

The place was cool as hell…

…with unisex, see-through bathroom doors that make you think the whole world’s gonna be able to see you pee (or, heaven forbid, do something else)…

…but the second you click the lock, the doors become opaque. Funky, huh? What will these New Yorkers think of next!!


Last night.

The four guys?

Powerhouses in their chosen professions. Paul Butler, Steve Hutensky, Marvin Scott, and Larry Lowe—movers and shakers who’ve been making things happen in a big way for people and businesses all of you are quite familiar with.

The girl?

Uh, Moi, of course. Duh.

And I swear, I almost drunk-blogged y’all last night, because I was two caipirinhas to the wind (my favorite drink)…

…and I’d already had one earlier in the day when I had lunch with my editor, Jennifer Pooley, and my dear friend/longtime publicist, Yvette Hayward, at this fabulous Caribbean restaurant in Chelsea called Negril Village (and remember, y’all, I’m not a drinker…seriously).

Anyway, hanging with these fellas was a total pleasure. They were fun, funny, sharp as an eagle’s beak, and handsome as all get-out. And I was the only girl (, so I had all that testosterone to myself!!! How cool is THAT?

We were introduced by a mutual friend, my “little brother,” Bryonn Bain—a dynamo in his own right who practically defies description. He’s one of the most talented people I know, period. Well, he definitely knew what he was doing, putting all of us together. A good time was had by all of us, and two of them even shared a cab with me and got me safely back to my hotel. So nice. I couldn’t have asked for more. Well, I coulda, but I’ve got manners and I’m not a tart (…not all the time…even though I was two caipirinhas to the wind).

I know the fellas were nervous about what I might say when I blogged about all this today, but it was all good. They were perfect gentlemen who had ALL THE MONEY, and wouldn’t let me do anything but be the pampered, doted upon, center of attention.

As it should be. (LOL.)

Mmmmmmmmwah, guys!!! You were collectively and individually THE BOMBS!!!!

4 thoughts on “Four Guys And A Girl Walk Into A Bar…

  1. >dagg gon' lo….i've been livin' in the nyc area for the past 6 1/2 years and you've opened me up to "something new"…gonna check out the bar scene and get my drank on!we have to do bungalow 8 one night!


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