Planes, Trains, And Automobiles Assholes.

I figured I’d start with our train ride to D.C. first and work my way backwards from that.

Silena and I left the Big Apple today, off on our next adventure. Don’t worry, the posts for the New York event will follow this one. But first, I must tell you about this train ride.

We were so excited by what we just knew would be a lovely, picturesque trip to the nation’s capital. I had my laptop out and was happily working. My video iPod was at the ready for when I planned to put away the laptop and relax even more.

Silena was chilling, reading a celebrity magazine that was on the table at our seats.

She was really enjoying herself, y’all. And she deserved to rest. She’s been doing a bang-up job.

Doesn’t she look chill in this picture? Right after that, she put the magazine away, put on her glasses, and settled in for a nice, long nap.

Unfortunately, ‘long‘ and ‘nap‘ weren’t on the horizon for either of us, as things quickly took a terrible, terrible turn. Our lovely little ride suddenly went from smooth sailing to a nightmarish exercise in self-absorbed cellular mania. Why?

Because of this guy…



The Asshole boarded a few minutes into our ride and plopped down next to Silena, already in full-blown loud-talking blast on his celly. He immediately alienated everyone around him (not just us), but did he care?


The Asshole just kept talking…

…and talking…

…and talking…

At one point, The Asshole turned to this guy…

…and asked if he was talking too loudly. The Asshole laughingly said his wife always tells him he talks too loudly. The Asshole, however, was sitting with US. And he never bothered to ask us how WE felt about his bombastic bullshit.

The Asshole opened up his bag of food and popped the cap on his pop and began EATING AND DRINKING AND TALKING ON THE PHONE, a freaking sideshow right before all of our pissed-off eyes.


…and yapping…

…and eating and yapping.

Silena tried to sleep through it…

…but c’mon. Please. How can you sleep through something like this?

At one point, I thought he was finally finished.

But no. He was just getting his second wind.

Because ASSHOLES don’t know how to shut the fuck up. They just regroup…

…and dial somebody else.

And when that call is finished, they dial somebody else.

And then, guess what? They dial somebody else.

This bloated co-dependent bastard got on in Newark and yammered and gestured nonstop all the way to Baltimore.

Just how much of a self-sucking asshole was he? Well, I’m sitting right in front of Silena in the same seat section. There are four seats and a table. That’s my laptop you see there on the table. That’s my hand on the bottled water.

Yeah, I’m right up on this bitch. I aimed my cameraphone RIGHT IN HIS FACE as I took these pics and the fucker didn’t even notice. Okay?

In order to avoid going postal on this idiot, I jammed the earphones of my iPod into my head and began watching the copy of Lil’ Pimp good friend and loyal Lo Zone reader Lance gave me when we got together for lunch yesterday. I’d ripped it onto my laptop and imported it into my iPod. (Thank you, Lance. You probably saved this mofo’s life.) Shortly after, I saw Silena putting on the earphones to her iPod. Thank goodness for Steve Jobs. If it weren’t for him and all of Apple’s amazing innovations, there’d probably be a lot more beatdowns going on in the world than there are right now. Music and movies do, indeed, tame the savage breast.

The Asshole got so caught up in his phone calls, he had to take his jacket off to allow himself to really get into it. (Look at how Silena’s looking at him, y’all.)

Her face sums up my sentiments exactly. I just wish I could have kicked this jerk a swift one in the mouth, just for good measure. How one person could be so oblivious to the discomfort he was causing everyone around him is beyond me.

8 thoughts on “Planes, Trains, And Automobiles Assholes.

  1. >Oh my Lo i feel for you and that tasty looking singer buddy you have along with you on the tour .. you knew when i saw her pics I was going to say something just in case she likes her men hard and outspoken at the same time, smile. I knew it took all the moral fiber you had in your body to keep from cold cocking that fucker . Thats why sprint should do personality test before giving a mufucka a unlimited cell plan. I'm in Kosovo touring up the far off land keeping the troops laughing . I had a travel experience that you would have hated even more than they loud mouthed bastard on the train . I was holed up for 9 hours from Dulles to Vienna with an Austrian that had some religious conviction against washing his ass or using deodorant … maybe he did wash his ass but Im sure that Jesus nor Allah commanded this mufucka to wear right or left guard … and foot powder forget about it …. luckily I was sleepy and nodded off … only thing was I kept dreaming of cheese can you say limburger ? You be good on that tour and stay away from all that liquor or you might be blogging about wild adventures like the ones I normally send you .. dont ever forget…DOUBLE JACK DIZZLES DONT mix with massage parlor visits smile Well I'm going to wish you well on the rest of your tour and oh yeah tell my new favorite female singer ( dont hate me cause I will kiss a lil ass to impress Silena … a good rim job goes a long way hahahahahaha Hell even Penn knew that)enjoy hanging out with my favorite author in the whole wide universe … ciao


  2. >Classy. So, so classy! Great job on the Planes, Trains & Automobies Assholes blog! Did you get the guy's email addy? Then you could email him the link to your blog and so he could GET THE FUGGIN' PICTURE MANNNNNN!!!!!!!


  3. >you're more than welcome on the lil pimp copy. can you imagine lil pimp, fruitjuice and the crew postin' up that asshole on the phone? hmmm, anudda skript idea!sorry i didn't get to see you and silena for the evening events, but i'm sure it was a blast!much luck to you silena!!!! (pass it on lo!…thx)


  4. >ROFL!!!! This is such a great post. Cheers to you for being all up in his face with your camera phone. Flip through the pics and watch the girl over his right shoulder… you can almost HEAR her thinking "If that guy doesn't SHUT UP I AM GOING TO KILL HIM!!! " I hope he gets some kind of strange ear mildew from having that phone plastered to his face. Hee!


  5. >So glad you guys are loving the posts. I'll get more up shortly, I promise. This guy, however, was truly something. I couldn't believe how oblivious he was. I mean, the fact that I was IN HIS FACE snapping pictures and he still just kept talking—priceless. People are ka-ra-zeeeeee!!!


  6. >Hey Lo-It's Bridget from MTV. Hadn't been to your blog in a while, but our convo made me go for a visit. I love the annoying guy story. Cant wait to see u and sweety Silena tomorrow. Thanks for the laughs.


  7. >Hey Bridget!! Girl, that annoying man had to be seen (and heard) to be believed!! We had sooooooo much fun with you at the studio on Tuesday. It was one of the most fun interviews I've ever done. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!!


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