Bite Me.

…which is what everyone seems to be doing, because I can hardly turn the TV channel without coming across something with Sex, Lies, and Murder in the title.

To wit, a little over a week ago, my dear friend Juan sent me an e-mail telling me about a commercial he’d seen for Footballers Wives (a BBC America show that I happen to love; it’s waaaaaaay better, smarter, and much more wicked, IMHO, than the Housewives). So Juan tells me about the ad for the show’s new season, and guess what the angle of their campaign is?

How about that?

And then I was watching HBO, and I see a commercial for a new installment of their documentary series, Autopsy. And just what are they calling this particular episode? Yup, you guessed it…

Biters, all of ’em. That’s right, I said it. BBC America and HBO are straight-up biting my shizz.

That’s okay. We like being originators. Soon everybody’s going to be slapping Sex, Lies, and Murder on their stuff. Let’s just see who’s going to be bad enough to throw in some Fame. Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame.
BBC Footballers Wives Autopsy

One thought on “Bite Me.

  1. >Hey Lo! You are so right – I have heard numerous radio adds and thought it was for your book and film, only to discover it was something else!!! Take is as a trailblazing complement. AS we (readers) all know that they are immitating the greatness that is "sex.lies. murder. fame." Since they can't fade you they are trying to get on the LOLITA BANDWAGAON!


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