Making The "F*ck You" F*ck Face

*Grey’s Anatomy Spoiler Alert*

Bounce now, bitches, if you don’t wanna know what’s up. I’m no longer doing that three-second count thing to give you a chance to get out. I’m just going to jump right into this.

Okay, so Meredith and George do it. I mean, they really DO IT. Look at ol’ girl. She seems pretty happy about it…

…ecstatic, even…

…and George just can’t believe his incredible luck. Look at him. So damn eager to please.

Yup. Meredith seems pretty happy about that plugging she’s getting…

…or is she?

Uhhhh, this does not look like a happy camper.

Seems she suddenly realized who it was that was plugging her—even though she asked for it—and the thought that it’s not The Great McDreamy

…has her bawling like a baby just snatched off the tit.

Speaking of babies and tits, Dr. Bailey’s breasts leaked in this episode.

Addison’s peeper had poison oak

…and she had the nerve to ask Dr. Bailey to look at it!!! And Bailey did!!!

…and Meredith and McDreamy decided to start hanging out again for innocent talks and walks (yeah, right!!)…

…but none of that tops Meredith crying like a stuck pig in the middle of George waxing her lovely (so he thought). She needs her ass beat for doing that to him. He seemed utterly traumatized. Luckily, there’s a hot piece of action, a Latina doctor

…who’s apparently itching to give him some jalapeno peeper.

Talk about a deus ex machocha!!!

I’m just glad George has backup. Meredith actually had the nerve to say the following regarding why she burst out crying during their moment in the sheets:

“I didn’t know I didn’t want to until I knew I didn’t want to.”

So does that make George a date rapist? I hope not. He deserves much better than this.

Meredith is nuts. Watch, next week she’ll have poison oak or some such shit on her peeper, too.

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9 thoughts on “Making The "F*ck You" F*ck Face

  1. >Lo,I am surprised by your reaction. Meredith had just come home from facing her father for the first time in 20 years. He didn't even invite her in the front door of his home. She's just almost died and went through all the emotions and trauma related to that during the bomb removal, and someone appears before her promising to love her and never leave her. Of course she embraces him. But then at the same time, its not what she wants, and as much as she wanted to embrace it…the reality of her decision shakes her to the core and she finally releases all the pain, albeit an inopportune time for our George…I think most people have been there….


  2. >I've never been there, and I don't consider myself any particular kind of exception. I've been through a lot of shyte in my life. A lot. I've had moments of crisis, moments of near-death, moments of trauma, moments even my closest friends have never heard me speak of. Sometimes those awful moments have collided and hit me simultaneously. None of them, however, have led me to do what Meredith did to George. I may have f*cked some people I immediately (or shortly thereafter) wished I hadn't, but while I was in it, I always found a way to stay on the ride—or at least fake my way through it—and handle the extrication appropriately afterwards. George deserved better. Meredith might have been hurting and needy and everything else, but it was an incredibly selfish, unthinking move and the collateral damage to someone who was a caring friend has now blown up on her. Funny, she escaped one bomb and walked right into another. The irony is that Meredith is always walking into bombs. I should probably feel sorry for her for this, but I don't. Suffering personal trauma doesn't give you the right to use and discard another human being that way, whether you change your mind in the middle of it or not. The way she treated George after the fact was awful. I'm with Izzie. I totally fall on the side of George. He was the victim in that scenario. Meredith is selfish and silly (as evidenced by her now planning to go on daily walks with McDreamy, even though he's made no plans to leave his wife and will, basically, now have his cake, etc.—try to romanticize it all you want, what it is is what it is). I'm not so sure Meredith is someone to be sympathetic towards, at least, not someone I can feel for. I'm beginning to believe she's actually a borderline dangerous passive-aggressive. All the other characters take responsibility for their actions—Izzie slept with Alex again, and even though she knows all logic points against it and she's seen that Alex will cheat, at least she owns the moment, eyes wide open, belly up, 'Yeah, I f*cked him.' Not Meredith. She's a whiner and a victim. Always, always, always a victim. She definitely gets no pity from me. People like her always need rescuing and are always in crisis. It's only when you step back and examine the pattern do you realize that perhaps that's actually who they are and what they thrive on.


  3. >I meant been there as in regretted a choice, a kiss, or a decision, and suddenly had all the emotions catch up to them. Also, George came into her room, she didn't go to him. Meredith is acting out some of her sins/legacy of the fathers/and mothers, but can't we give the girl a little slack? A man had to be washed out her hair. Literally!


  4. >ROFL. Hmmm. I don't exactly know how to respond to that. I still don't believe that if a bomb exploded and pieces of the man who was holding it flew all over my body and got stuck in my hair, it'd send me reeling to the point where I went all F*ckfest 2006 on my close male friends. But that's just me. I might have showered myself skinless with scalding water, then crawled into bed and pulled the covers over my head. I might have gone over to a friend's house to sleep because I didn't want to be alone. I might have even taken comfort in having one of my guy friends hold me. But I wouldn't have sexed him. Not my friend. If you're gonna have a hit-and-run like that, it's best done with a stranger, and we've already seen that Meredith will have one-night stands with strangers. A bomb hadn't blown up on her when that happened. Sure, McDreamy's wife had shown up, but so what? It's not the first time a woman has been hurt by love and it won't be the last. Meredith either needs to buck the f*ck up or shut the f*ck up. All this "woe is me" stuff, "my daddy left me, my mommy's got Alzheimer's, my man is married, so that makes it okay for me to wreck shit up everywhere I go" is for the birds. None of us have perfect lives. This doesn't mean I'm not a compassionate person. Anyone who knows me and knows me well knows I'm a nurturer. But I'm not an enabler, and Meredith seems to be in constant search of someone to enable her whiny ways.


  5. >I had five shots of tequila the other night and all I did was go back to the hotel room and write a few e-mails (none of which were risque or inappropriate). I didn't even drunk-blog, let alone drunk-f*ck.


  6. >meredith is imaginary! you're REAL. And you were sharing a room and didn't have someone come knock on your door professing his undying love. At the end of the day, Shonda made her do it. So we need to trust Shonda.


  7. >I agree with Anonymous. Meredith was in a very bad place and made a very bad decision. We've all been there. Maybe we didn't sleep with our male/female friends, but we've all done things TO our friends that we later regret (if we have any kind of heart). And there is no telling what kind of collateral damage our words or actions can do to people – in and out of bed! (Sometimes our friends don't tell us how we've hurt them.) So, I'm one of those people who believes in that cliche about casting the first stone. I have a heart for Meredit.


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