>R.I.P. Octavia Butler

>One of the greatest sci-fi writers ever passed this weekend.

I had the honor of meeting Ms. Butler at the Miami Book Fair in 1997. It was in the green room and happened at the same time that I met two other phenomenal writers, Steven Barnes and Tananarive Due. It was definitely one of those great moments in life that you don’t forget.

I feel it’s only fitting that I link to a blog post Steven Barnes did regarding her death. Like Octavia, Steven also writes sci-fi, and he, too, is one of the best around.

If you don’t know Octavia’s work, please…do yourself the excellent service of checking it out. A recipient of the MacArthur “Genius” Award, she was gifted on many, many levels. Truly a scribe for the ages—past, present, and future.

Amazon.com: Books by Octavia Butler

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