Okay, I’ll Continue Posting About The Tour, But First…This Glimpse Into The Twilight Zone…

I just happened to be over in AOL Black Voices to check out the newest books being talked about, since I’m always trying to add new material to my reading list.

Imagine my genuine astonishment/disbelief when I noticed the following (circled in red) out of the corner of my eye…

[click image to enlarge the ridiculous madness]

Or click here to go over to their website and see the insanity firsthand (if they haven’t changed it yet).

Trust me, this is not a self-stroking moment. No one is more shocked about this than I. My mouth is still open. My book above The Color Purple and Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart (one of the greatest stories ever written)??????????? WTF????????????

Surely, there must be a tear in the fabric of the universe. Or it’s Bizarro World, just like in the comics.

I’m gonna ride this puppy into the ground (or at least until they notice the typo).

AOL Black Voices: Books

5 thoughts on “Okay, I’ll Continue Posting About The Tour, But First…This Glimpse Into The Twilight Zone…

  1. >Lo, Every now and again the Universe corrects itself. Many forget that Child of God was overshadowed by some fools thinking they was gonna get 72 virgins on the other side. CoG is an amazing read and it's about time it takes its rightful place.Mad love, my sister.Juan


  2. >Yeah Juan. Child of God did come out the week before 9/11, and I was, in fact, on tour with it in D.C. when the planes hit the WTC and the Pentagon (resulting in me cancelling everything, renting a car, and driving by myself from D.C. to L.A.). Despite the fact that I didn't tour with it, Child of God was the little engine that could, winning book clubs and fans over left and right. Like Sex.Lies., that book was bigger than me. I wrote it, but it had its own plan. Well, God had the plan, and the book made sure it was executed. A lot of people have love for it, which is every writer's dream. So yes, LBoogie, praise God fa sho!!


  3. >Whoa!To see Child Of God as the #1 book of choice over The Color Purple speaks volumes…Enjoy the success, you've earned it!!!!Okay, Kanye. Your turn!… 😉


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