The LoLena Experience (NYC) Continued: …And Then It Was On To Ruby Foo’s And The Clubs

The same night as our signing at the Borders at the Time Warner Center on Tuesday, February 21st, we went on to further adventures. This was the dinner party mentioned in Jawn Murray’s BV Scene on AOL Black Voices. It was held at Ruby Foo’s

…a totally hip, cool spot in Times Square.

That section I circled and have arrows pointing to below?

That’s where we sat. We practically commandeered the place. Next thing you know, Silena’s song, I Like My Man Hard, from the Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame. soundtrack, was playing over the sound system. Then a sampling of even more of her music was playing throughout the restaurant’s speakers, compliments of her trusty iPod. The crowd seemed to love it. Some even stopped by and congratulated us as they passed, not exactly sure why they were congratulating us, but pretty damn sure our table must be full of famous people (which it was, dammit!!). Nice New Yorkers. I freakin’ love this city.

Look!!! There’s Michelle

…who was a part of our party, which included the great and wonderful Karu F. Daniels (my baby’s daddy!!!), Mel Jackson, Team Amistad (Gilda, Rockelle, Dawn, Yona, Jen), publicist extraordinaire, Yvette Hayward, the incredible Q, Daytona (The Next Big Thing in hip hop), and, of course, Silena and me. Okay, so these pics are dark, but they were taken with my cameraphone, and I’m still learning how to operate the damn thing.

Check out Daytona, Q, and Michelle chillin’ at the table.

Oooooh…is that a copy of that awesome new book Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame. on the lazy Susan in the middle of the table? Why, I do believe it is!!!

And there’s Mel, Yvette, and Katie, our server, who took great care of us all night.

Yvette looks mighty happy, doesn’t she? I guess that’s what sitting close to Mel Jackson all night will do to a girl. (Trust me, I know…I was sitting on the other side of him. Yowza!!!).

After that, we said our goodnights to everyone, and Yvette, Silena, and I headed off to the Spy Club. Turns out the Queen of Shock Radio, Wendy Williams

Yvette has worked with Wendy extensively, so she thought it would be great fun for us to drop in on her Champagne Launch Party. And what a scene it was!

There were girls dancing in cages and a bikini fashion show. I attempted to capture some of it with my cameraphone, but, well, you see my results.

This is my picture of the party.

This is my pic of the girls in the cage.

My photos went from bad to worse.

Still, I felt you guys needed to see this in its full, fleshy scope, so I pulled pictures of the party from another website so you could examine the action more clearly.

There’s Wendy with her shampanya

These are the ladies who participated in the bikini fashion show

…all of which was a teaser for Wendy’s upcoming blowout-fun getaway in Puerto Rico.

And these are the girls in the cage.

Yeah. I thought y’all might wanna see that.

As I contemplated their agility and trunk-junkiness

…I began to lament the pathetic lack of physical calisthenics that defines my own career choice. I expressed said woes aloud to Silena. (My exact words, I think, were along the lines of, “Girl, I’m in the wrong business.“) Being the supportive, fiercely-encouraging sistah that she is, she pointed out that my choice in careers might have more longevity. She might be right. Besides…

I don’t have the ass for this.

After the party (we only stayed for a short while), the three of us headed back to the hotel room to chat and bask in what a great night we’d just had. But, as it turns out, this was not even close to being the end.

Daytona called Silena on her cell and invited us down to a party going on at a hot new club called Stereo. Silena and I were both gung-ho to go. My blood was racing for more club action. I’m one of those people who rarely ever goes to the club (and I do mean rarely…I’m talking once every two or three years, if that). Yvette was a little sleepy, but being the true friend that she is, she came along (to keep a watch on us, I’m sure).

Stereo was crazycool. The club had this stereo theme (duh) throughout the place, with boomboxes on the wall and what-not. So clevah.

We made our way back to Daytona, who was in the VIP section (natch). We’d apparently just missed Mel and Q by minutes, as they left right before we got there.

In true New York VIP section fashion, Silena and I immediately stood on the banquettes and began to dance, lean, pop shit, etc. Yvette sat between us, holding her coat (patient, loyal friend that she is). Daytona and the guys he was with asked us what we wanted to drink. Silena and I ordered energy drinks. Yvette had water.

See her drinking it?

Yup, she’s got her sunglasses on.

Silena jumped down on and got on the dance floor and shook it like a wild woman for a hot minute. It was almost like she was possessed and just had to get it out of her system. Unfortunately, that picture didn’t come out when I took it (isn’t that always the way?). This picture of Daytona on the floor did, though. At least, I think that’s him. The way that beanie’s perched on his head makes me think so.

Shortly after that, the shots of Patron began to arrive. As I’ve already confessed in a prior posting, I had five of those bad boys. Delish, and I had nary a hangover the next day. That stuff is schmoooooooooooove. Silena was very good, having only the energy drink. I was the wild one, but I never lost my head. I’m not that kinda girl. It was all in fun. Here’s our table of liquor.

And these are the limes that went with the shots.

I think I scared the shizz out of Yvette with the way I tossed back the Patron. Eventually, she got sleepy and left (but not before almost beating the doo-doo out of a girl—and a guy—in a banquette behind us who kept knocking her in the back; I later made peace with them by dancing with the guy, who bought me another drink as I danced back-to-back, banquette-to-banquette with him, and later, on the floor, in a sandwich with him and another guy…now THAT was fun!!!).

The next day, Yvette very carefully asked, “Was that tequila you were drinking last night?” My response? “Yeah, bitch!! What you thought? I was just tryna BE DA FUCK ME!!!

(LOL. Okay, so I didn’t exactly say that. But I thought it, and she knows me well enough to know I did.)

Silena and I hung out for another two hours after Yvette left, until around 3am, then we cabbed it back up to our hotel. Silena sang for the cabbie, who didn’t believe she was a singer and wanted proof.

She blew his cap off with her killer vocals in that confined vehicular space. Bet he won’t be challenging any other singers anytime soon.

All-in-all, it was the best of times.

More posts to come, including the D.C. signing and the blowout in Atlanta!!! These things take a minute, so just bear with me!!!

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14 thoughts on “The LoLena Experience (NYC) Continued: …And Then It Was On To Ruby Foo’s And The Clubs

  1. >Handler has a pretty derogatory connotation but can you say, "body guard, boys and girls." I am feeling this may be necessary for the next Lolena outing. Your one night in New York makes my life seem incredibly dull. Go, sister, go.


  2. >ROFL, LBoogie!!! It was New York…that place brings out the wild child in me. And, um, Juan…you were right when you said 'Handler.' Bodyguards are for keeping us safe, but who's going to protect the world from the damage we do?


  3. >Sounds like you guys had a great time in New York City. (My fav place on earth!) Much, much better than my time there that night! Hope it's like that everywhere you go!


  4. >everyone has to come to experience NEW YORK CITY at least…well, more than one time in your lifetime. you may get intimidated by all the people at first, but as you stroll through the city, you'll be energized by the people around you and challenged to want to do something. there's a creative energy that's here and i can't explain it. as i screenwriter, believe it or not, i do my best writing on the subway train. the subway of all places!come visit us in the summer. yeah, it's hot (just like everywhere in the US) but after 5pm on any friday til monday morning (about 60 straight hours). it's on and crackin'!!!!


  5. >Summertime in NYC is SICK, people. You don't even understand. There's an excitement in the air, it crackles with it, Central Park is bursting with green and an assortment of activity, the streets are alive, there's so much to do—if you get a chance to go, go in the summer. I love winters in New York too, there's nothing like the holiday season in NYC, but the summertime sets something inside of you free. You almost feel like you can fly!!!


  6. >preach lo preach!!!!they don't know lo…here's a helpful traveling tip for all y'all thinking about coming to the "big apple". first time, come with your significant other first. NO KIDS!!!!! leave the kids with gand-ma, auntie or that friend that "owes" you a favor! if you don't wanna do the club scene and just want to do the "pg-rated" tour of the city. get a city pass (go to click new york. for $53.00 per adult pass, you get to see 6 MAJOR new york attractions for less money and FELLAS, wanna put your lady in a romantic "new york state of mind"? come to new york, when there's a full moon. with that city pass, you can get on the moonlight circle cruise. a two-hour boat cruise at dusk on the harlem & hudson rivers around the city. my brother, there is so much romance in the city at that time, "sigh"..anyway, i'm just reminiscing. can't wait for this winter weather to break! to find out when the full moon is gonna rise over new york city, go to google: search moonrise, then go to sun/moon rise; one year, then put in information: year, city, etc. you'll see the months of the year the moon will rise and set. all the times are set in military time, so if you see any date with the time set between 19:00 (7pm) and 01:00 (1am)…that's full moon time and the rest is on you.sorry lo, for takin' up too much of your white space. i just love this city!


  7. >LBoogie, you are gonna have a BLAST!! And if you need recommendations of places to check out, the Lo Zoners have got your back. I'm sure all of us who've done NYC or live there can point you to things that will make your experience all the more incredible.


  8. >Not to mention that New York is one of the very few places left on Earth that you can see jazz, actual jazz, people improvising on real instruments, all night. (And I mean real jazz… acoustic covers of Billy Joel tunes is NOT jazz and neither is Kenny F*ing G!). What can I say, I'm a purist. 🙂 And I love New York.


  9. >even though it's cold as hell outside, i think i'm gonna head to the city tonight to check out the jazz scene. there's something about a dim lit bar w/candles, a few people, intelligent brothers and sisters chillin' in a lounge, listening to a sax, piano & a bass. throw in some scat vocals or even some poetry and just kick back w/your significant other, stress free and relaxed…definitely a new york state of mind…(well, you gotta give billy joel some credit)


  10. >Yeah, Lance, you're right. New York State Of Mind does get a pass. True dat. It's got a straight-up supper club jazzy feel, and it totally sums up what it feels like to love the Big Apple. "I don't care if it's Chinatown, or on Riverside…"


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