>Check Out My Podcast On "Eye On Books"

>This is a very cool interview I did for my new book, Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame., with Bill Thompson on his show Eye On Books. If you’re an author with a book out, you will eventually do Bill’s show. I’ve done it for years and it’s always fun and fast, a total blast. I can pretty much expect, without fail, a great exchange whenever I get to speak with him.

Click the following link to hear the podcast. The audio will begin as soon as you reach the website.

Episodes from Eye on Books BOOKCAST
Bill Thompson’s Eye On Books

3 thoughts on “>Check Out My Podcast On "Eye On Books"

  1. >And the woman even waxes poetic about Wagner (and she pronounces it correctly too). Damn, Lo, you be smart as a mug. You give good radio, that was an excellent interview. Bill's studio is literally five minutes from my house — next time stop in.I was pleased he pointed out the literary quality of your work. Unfortunately, even in publishing, once you are "labeled" people find it hard to define you other than by what they have come to know you for. Child of God was a clear example of your range. But what I love about you as a talent is that you have made a decision — a very well thought out decision — to write what you write. There are those who write commercial fiction because that's all they are capable of doing and then there or those who write it because they choose to do it and, for me, those are the truly gifted writers. And when I think about it, you're probably one of the few who is brave enough, and down enough, to say, fuck it, I do this because I want to. You don't need to impress readers with intellectual acrobatics and "nice touches" that make up much of the literary fiction. You do what you do and you do it with style, class and a hella lot of intelligence.I admire you and I honor you for the gifted Black WOMAN that you are.Mad love,JuanP.S. No, Lo, didn't pay me for this post. 🙂


  2. >wow lo, that was a great interview, as you & bill were talking about the SLMF, my mind was racing throughout the book, of scenes i had read and the mental visions of playing it out in my mind. as for wagner, i haven't heard him in awhile. time for some classical music, y'all you know, beethoven, mozart and nem!


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