>You Asked For It, America…You Got It.

>More black men in dresses!!! This time it was baseball great Barry Bonds.

This news is three days old, but I couldn’t let the moment pass without commentary. Per the WTOP article:

Bonds entertained and delighted a small gathering of fans and teammates Tuesday by dressing up as Abdul to judge the San Francisco Giants spin-off of the hit Fox show “American Idol,” called Giants Idol.

Bonds, who wore a strapless dress and a blonde wig, surprised everyone watching the mock contest, where young players had to sing in front of the judges.

I know this is all fun and games for Bonds and company, but I’m pretty speechless at this point. This is starting to seem like an epidemic.

Thanks to Lo Zoner Lance for the heads-up, keeping an ever-vigilante eye out for the Mammification Crew responsible for these acts of heinous emasculation.

WTOP.com: Barry Bonds Impersonates Paula Abdul
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2 thoughts on “>You Asked For It, America…You Got It.

  1. >Yeah, I saw this. Bonds was supposedly "Paula Abdul." What's sad is that for his part in the "mammyfest" (thanks, Lance) they raised something less than $400.00 from the event


  2. >even though it was for charity, how much money do you think the associated press made, wiring the picture all over the world? it ain't like barry bonds is just an AVERAGE baseball player…..MaMMyFest '06 continues


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