>Big Love From Wendy Williams

>Guess who just chose our sizzzzzzzzlin’ hot bizook as the selection for her on-air book club for the month of March (which, uh, means right now)?

That’s right, the Queen herself…

Yup. And she’s nationally-syndicated, with a listenership of TEN MILLION PLUS, so that’s nothing to sneeze at, folks.

Thank you, Wendy!!! BIG LOVE from The Lo Zone and Team Amistad and everybody else who’s down to ride with this nonstop party!!!

Amazon.com: Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame.
The Wendy Williams Experience

4 thoughts on “>Big Love From Wendy Williams

  1. >It's hard out here for a pimp. Okay, so this is the equivalent of hitting the lottery as far as I am concerned. I ain't mad at you, my sister. You go!(grpnghax)


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