Fun Times With A Totally Cool Book Club

Yesterday I had the tremendous pleasure of being in the company of an extraordinary group of ladies for a book club brunch gathering.

The event was hosted by the lovely and gracious Sally Hernandez at her gorgeous home, and was orchestrated by my new friend, Diedre Ware, who I first connected with earlier this year via exchanges with the LA Times, where Diedre works. Diedre is a total DOLL, and these women were sophisticated, well-read, and quite lively with conversation. And the food…my goodness!!! Sally really awakened my palate with the delicious spread she laid out for us. I had a blast with them!!!

Thank you, ladies, for letting me be a part of your experience.

It was truly an honor.

5 thoughts on “Fun Times With A Totally Cool Book Club

  1. >awww, nice post lo…i know there had to have been some sweet potato pie there! with that many sisters, c'mon nah?!question: what happens at a book club meeting? do you read excerpts from the book and then critique/review it? never attend a book club event before.


  2. >There wasn't sweet potato pie, Lance, but there were an assortment of exquisite desserts, from a fluffy, extremely delicious lemon cake kind of thing, a kind of caramel apple tart, and a chocolate cake/torte. I had as much of it as I could without seeming like I didn't have any home training.Book club meetings can be pretty cool. I've never read excerpts at them. Usually everyone has read the book and they have definitive things they would to ask you about and discuss. We ended up running the gamut of the socio-cultural landscape in terms of what we talked about at this meeting. The book sparked so much great dialogue for them. It was a very enjoyable experience, to say the least.


  3. >I was so tickled (and proud) to see this photo…especially considering Sally is my sister and my mom was there, too. I KNOW you guys ate good 'cause that's the way it goes there (smile). I've met these ladies and they are all a class act. Continued good luck. Before I left Atlanta, I didn't realize I'd missed one of your appearances but I was fortunate enough to get a couple of your signed books. I know how great that must feel. Keep on Keeping On! Sue McClain-Knight


  4. >Sue, thank you for finding my website and posting a comment. Sally really is wonderful, and her cooking, good lawd…simply marvelous. Your mom is a real sweetie. I had the best time with all of them!!


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