Fun With Dicks & Janes.

Let me start first by saying Star Jones Reynolds was beautiful today on The View, and has been becoming more and more gorgeous with each show that passes. She’s grown into a stunner.

Seriously. My pics don’t even come close to doing her justice.

Now. Today’s Hot Topics segment of the show got a little interesting, as it typically does.

Meredith noted she’d read an article…

…that said “anywhere between two and three million women are married or have been married to men who have sex with men, and in most cases it’s not marriages of convenience or a cover that the man is using, these are men who fall in love with women, often have children, then in about seven years, interestingly enough, the gay identity starts emerging. I’m not saying it was never there, but it begins to emerge and they can no longer hide.

Star then asked…

Was it always just hidden or just not, ah, publicly talked about?

Barbara was at the table today. She responded with…

“You see, I’m not sure, Star. I mean, I do have friends who were married to men whom we thought were gay. I don’t think the women knew. I think the men felt they had to be married, and somehow (sic) and they had children and somehow or other it seemed to work. It’s different now when men feel either more liberated, if that’s the right word, to do it, or not ashamed.

The dialogue continued as Star offered a possible explanation for the wives of these guys, particularly if they live in small towns:

“You wanna just try to hide, you know, your privacy…

…not just for yourself, but for your children and for your husband.”

Joy asked…

Why doesn’t the woman get it?

Barbara said…

Maybe she doesn’t want to get it.

To which Star replied…”Yeah.

The (annoying) Elisabeth, in a rare moment of sane relevance, suggested a woman who suspects her man might be gay should take him to see the movie Brokeback Mountain and watch how he reacts, and if he seems really into it, that should tell the woman something.

Star, tapping her temple, said…

That would be ‘ding, ding, ding‘?

Elisabeth said, “You can tell. You know, you know him,” then, under her breath, said…

Well, I hope you do.

Wasn’t that a fun hot topics??!! I just love the fact that they talk about everything on The View!!! The View

2 thoughts on “Fun With Dicks & Janes.

  1. >i would have love to have seen that episode of "the view" and my eyes on star's reaction to everything, especially on this topics as word has it, her man al may be on the DL. and with barbara walters' remark, it was like "hint, hint".


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