Being Jailing Bobby Brown.

Look who’s back inside.

Further proof that you can’t keep a good man man minding his own business free.

Per the Boston

Singer Bobby Brown has been arrested for minor motor vehicle violations dating back 14 years.

The 37-year-old entertainer was in town to watch his daughter in a high school cheerleading tournament on Friday night when a police officer conducted a warrant check and discovered the old misdemeanor charges of unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, and having an uninsured motor vehicle trailer, according to Webster Police Chief Timothy J. Bent. He said a warrant check is “a common thing to do.”

Brown was “very cooperative” and was allowed to drive – with his bodyguard – to the police station after the cheerleading event at Bartlett High School, Bent said.

Brown was detained for about one hour, and was released on $40 bond.

Can’t wait to see this on the next season of BBB.

(There is going to be a next season, right?)

Boston Brown arrested on 14-year-old motor vehicle violations Being Bobby Brown

3 thoughts on “Being Jailing Bobby Brown.

  1. >that was fucked up. bobby wasn't messing with nobody, came as a father to support his daughter and here come the fuzz, with some bullshit. even, when the nosey ass officer found some information, as trival as it was, he could have blew it off and not make a "scene" of it.but no. he wants to act like a fuckin' hero, so he can brag about it later. i wouldn't be surprised that it's "another BOBBY BROWN" and this bobby brown just said "whatever" just to put it behind him and move on.definitely PROFILING lboogie. i'm glad bobby kept a quiet demeanor, especially around his daughter. but then again, she's probably so used to it (bobby & whitney's forays through the media) that she's probably "mentally immune" it.


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