Brooklyn Is Mad Ghetto.

Hence her name.

I just gave each of my four dogs (Brooklyn, Lola, Milo, and Toshi) a SweeTarts jelly bean—one apiece (hey, these things come at a premium, remember?). Three of them scarfed them down. Two of the three were satisfied with having one jelly bean. One of the four, Lola (I know, this is starting to sound like a word problem), sucked the candied outer shell off hers, half-chewed the jelly bean, then walked away. Brooklyn eyed the half-chewed jellybean, desperately wanting to cop it, but knew she faced a dilemma, having grown up with the rigid rules of sharing we practice in this house (“no taking anything from another dog without my permission first; said dog must no longer want what is being taken from him/her”). I wasn’t sure Lola was finished with her half-chewed treat.

A call came in. I turned my back for half a second. I saw creeping out of the corner of my eye. I’m talking the kind people spend big bucks to train their dogs to do. Like maybe the dog works in tv or something and has skills like that. By the time I could react to what I was seeing, Brooklyn was eating the half-chewed jelly bean.

She’s so ‘hood.

Gotta love her.

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7 thoughts on “Brooklyn Is Mad Ghetto.

  1. >I love dogs (as long as they live with someone else) — actually I feel the same way about kids but I can't find anyone to send mine to live with.I don't think Brooklyn is ghetto at all. She's a bold bitch and goes for what she wants. Stealthily as it may have been she was not to be detered.Lo, it seems even the "dog apple" don't fall far from the tree (wink, wink)


  2. >Oh, y'all got jokes, huh? Yeah, you're probably right. Brooklyn's a relentless won't-take-no kinda girl. I've always been that way. Nice to see Brooklyn's doing me proud. (Hey, does that make me ghetto?)


  3. >Ahh, we like that, Juan. Alpha female, yeah, that's me (although not in Omar Tyree's Alpha Male sense). And it's even more appropriate, seeing as I'm an AKA!!


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