>How Scary Cute Is This?

>I don’t know what this is. Perhaps something from an ad or what-not. But aren’t they adorable (in a ‘lawd, this is all the chirren need to see to get their heads screwed up even more’ kind of way)?

Little kids posing as Beyonce’ and Jay-Z:

Little kids posing as Lil’ Jon and Kanye West:

See the rest of the creepy cuteness over at Concrete Loop.com. Enjoy…I guess.

(Be sure to look around while you’re over there. It might seem kinda crowded, but there’s all sorts of crazygoodness going on in that spot.)

Concrete Loop.com: Kids Posing As Celebs

2 thoughts on “>How Scary Cute Is This?

  1. >cute. but kids today are grown enuff as is…i would have like the pictures more if they were smilin'. less threatenin', ya kno?the pics of these kids are like, and lo, you can understand this, going to a friend's house and they have a cute, little dog. the friend will say, "oh, he/she won't bite" but when you look at them they ain't waggin' their tail or smilin' with their tongues out. if i don't see that, that means they're about to "bite or go crazy". these kids look like they're about to whip out a 9mm, if you say the wrong thing. especially that jay-z and beyonce pic. that little guy looks like he could "pop-a-cap in yo ass" in a heartbeat, (for lookin' at his woman!)shit, let'em put on some skips or pro-keds (ol' skool rule!) and let them play street ball or jump rope or something "kiddy". they got plenty of time to be fly, reading VIBE or ESSENCE and then dressin' up.


  2. >dat shits just terrible – looks like my grown azz neice who can wind her azz, drop it and pop it better than any grown stripper that i have ever seen. the innocense of childhood is a thing of that past and its sad…


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