Make It Last Forever.

Yesterday I was listening to Nas’ hip-hop masterpiece, Illmatic

…when I realized we never discussed on The Lo Zone last month’s major, major news about him and Jay-Z finally making peace.

I was gearing up for tour and was too harried to address it. But I will now.

I, for one, am hoping to see some powerfully magnificent shizz come out their union. Nas is married now. Odds are, Hova is too. They’re getting consistent action and attention from two strong, beautiful women who are talented in their own rights, so these guys shouldn’t have all that venom boiling in their nuts the way they used to. Now they can put their heads together and focus on the art and the art alone, instead of pissing matches (although pissing matches can be fun as hell).

Let’s hope they continue to feel the love.

Still, you never can tell with that bitch Hip Hop. She’s selfish and might bust up this collabo just for sport.

‘Course, that’s just my opinion. What do you guys think? Jay And Nas: How The Peace Was Won

One thought on “Make It Last Forever.

  1. >it was all about business…jay-z would have looked like a fool, if he DIDN'T sign nas when the opportunity was available. too many others would have doled out mad cash to get him, regardless of beef. whether he had beef with death row/interscope (dr. dre/enimem)or even with jermaine dupri's enclave with virgin records. look what he's doing with mariah carey now. incredible!not to mention, p.diddy lurkin' in the wings.


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