Fabulous Fun With One Of My Favorite Book Clubs.

Had yet another wonderful book club experience on Saturday to discuss my new novel, Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame.

I’ve met with the lovely ladies of Reading Group of Sisters and Friends on prior occasions with some of my other books. They’re always gracious, animated, and fun to be with, and this time was no different.

One member, Jan Walker, even flew in from South Carolina (where she now lives) to be a part of the experience and to surprise some of the other members.

Thanks ladies for showing me such a fabulous time. Hugs to you all!!!

And thanks for the gift and that gorgeous mixed media card you all signed for me.

(Ain’t it purty?!!)

3 thoughts on “Fabulous Fun With One Of My Favorite Book Clubs.

  1. >Thanks Lolita for coming to visit us again at our RGSF Book Club meeting. We always love when you come to visit with us sharing your wisdom, wit and wicked humor. Gurl, you are mad crazy. We love ya and Sistergurlfriend you will always have an open invitation with us. Love your blog "The Lo Zone." Continue to just keep it real…Jean B.RGSF Book Club


  2. >Lo Writer, thanks so much for the maaaad kudos! I'm very glad you loved your earrings and yes, they do look quite lovely on you. Enjoy them and know there's more where those came from! Much peace, love, blessings and all that other stuff…………Jan


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