>Fellas, Maybe Y’all Need To Up Your Game.

>Why? Because this is just a sample of the kind of action Flavor Flav’s been getting these days on his show, The Flavor of Love. This girl, “Hoopz,” was featured in King Magazine

[click image to enlarge]

…a journal I like to think of as the horny muthafucka’s intellectual man of color’s ass rag periodical of choice (uh, along with the equally jizztastic erudite Smooth Magazine).

This is Flav.

Are you pulling the same kind of chicks as him? (And would you want to?)

VH1.com: The Flavor of Love
Mydarlingnikki.com: Darling Nikki aka Hoopz
King Magazine
Smooth Magazine

One thought on “>Fellas, Maybe Y’all Need To Up Your Game.

  1. >i haven't seen the show, YET. and if it comes on anytime on sundays between 9 – 10pm est. it's a wrap, that's sorpranos time!!!!damn, flav got it like that?!!!i guess snoop to-the- double-o gee was right…"drop it like it's hot".


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