…And They’ve Got Us On The Front Page Again!!!

We just looooooooooooooooooove AOL Black Voices, because AOL Black Voices shows us so much love!!! They’ve got us on the main page again as one of the four featured “What’s Hot” items.


[click image to go to AOL Black Voices]

You can submit questions for my upcoming podcast HERE.

Oh joy!!! Thank you, Black Voices!!!

AOL Black Voices
AOL Black Voices: BV Books Feature – Submit Questions for Lolita Files
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4 thoughts on “…And They’ve Got Us On The Front Page Again!!!

  1. >Okay. Okay. O – fuckin – kay. Ms. Files, I just listened to the excerpt Mel read: "nut was busted, crusted . . . " I am calling out my prayer warriors as I type. LOLMel is a great reader. Does he do the entire book or is it an abridged recording? I usually don't like books on tape but the brother got skills.Congrats, again. You deserve it.


  2. >Yeah, Mel did a bang-up job, didn't he? Thanks for the congrats, Juan.(As for those busted, crusted nuts…well…all I'll say is I was channeling my character when I wrote those words, and I never get in the way of what my characters want.)


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