Happy St. Patty’s Day, Beeeeetches!!!


Now before you laugh at that pic of me as a leprechaun, understand that my Irish connection is legitimate. One of my maternal great-grandmothers (my mom’s father’s mother) was not black. Yeah, yeah, I know black folks are always talking about “I’m half-this, I’m part-that, whatever” in order to be perceived as being of ‘upgraded’ stock. That’s not my point here. The bottom line is, the woman was white and she was stone-cold Irish. I’m talking a red-haired, green-eyed, shillelagh-swinging, Shamrock-plucking lass. Last name Hogan. Which might explain why a potato doesn’t stand a chance in my presence.

So, from deep inside my Irish-derivative blood, I wish you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

Today’s a short one for me. I’ve got some intense writing to do, so I’m going deep cover. In the meantime, check out this excellent photo from last night’s very cool signing at the Barnes & Noble in Glendale. We had the bestest time.


Kevin and his lovely wife (she’s not in the pic), the multi-talented Michael DeLorenzo, playwright/producer/director extraordinaire David E. Talbert, Diondre, my cousin Sonya, book club member Olivia, theater exec/Quickdraw McCard Thea, film producer (go ‘head, now!) Ray K. Morris, new author Lisa Beth Kovetz…aw heck, everyone who came and showed me love. We had wonderful conversation and laughter and good times, good times.

Mucho thanks to Kirsten, the community relations rep at the store, for taking such excellent care of me.

Have a great weekend, guys!!

(And oh yeah…I know I haven’t put up those D.C. and Atlanta pics yet. There’s quite a few and there were all the uploading problems this week with Blogger.com that kept me from doing so, but you’ll get them next week, for real.)

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