A Secret No More.

I’ve been outed!!! By someone whose work I really dig, no less. I guess it was bound to happen. It’s my own fault. I talk too damn much.

You may recall the post I did last month on the very brilliant author, John Barlow


…and his fabulous new novel, Intoxicated.

Well, it seems Mr. Barlow reads The Lo Zone, and he happened to note my St. Patrick’s Day post on Friday. You know, the one where I had the graphic of myself as a leprechaun


…and revealed my not-so-purely African lineage. Not one to miss a major (or minor) revelation when it’s right in front of him, the clever Mr. Barlow wrote a blog post about it

[click image to go to his website; then click “open blog” and scroll down]

…expressing his shock at how a white girl such as myself could be passing as a black chick and writing for a well respected imprint known for its high profile African American literature.

Okay, so I admit it: I’m not pure. On any level. (And you’re crazy if you ever thought I was to begin with.)

Smooches, John!!! Thanks for the love!!!

(Sorry, Lance. I hope this Irish-blood thing doesn’t mean I can’t keep fighting the power. Ungawa, my brother. A-salaam, and all that.)

John Barlow.net
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5 thoughts on “A Secret No More.

  1. >mmm, the hills have eyes. Seems like you guys are mutual fans, Lo. That was a nice post, not to mention the people who read his blog who had never heard of you will now know who you are. Kudos to John for outing you.(iwiwie)


  2. >Thanks, Greeneyedrican!! That's much appreciated. And thanks for stepping out of the shadows and letting me know you're here. There's a lot of love up in The Lo Zone. The peeps here are definitely into communing, so…welcome.


  3. >AWWW, NAW!!!! HELL NAW!!!! SAY IT AIN'T SO, LO!!!!…..oh well…so much for the "one drop rule"….hahahahahaha.nice post on john barlow on you. maybe it'sa "predestination" for you two to meet someday. kick back with an ale and talk sum shit…. ;-Pwelcome to the lo zone, greeneyedrican. watch out for the MAN!…lol


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