Ancestors Watchin’: Let’s Start A Music Video Revolution!!!

Tired of videos with chicks shaking ass after ass after ass across your screen? (Okay, strike that. Maybe some of you aren’t.)

Tired of videos talking about the same things over and over again? Bling. Booty. Bounce.

Bling! Booty!! Bounce!!!

While there is a place for that kind of thing, wouldn’t it be the bomb if such a powerful medium actually was used to SAY SOMETHING once in awhile? To hear a bangin’ beat and dope lyrics that make you nod your head in more ways than one, the way your favorite hip hop was back in the day?

Check out my boy, hip-hop/spoken word champion, Bryonn Bain, in his new video, Ancestors Watchin’.

[click above image to go to site to view video]

The website requires Flash to view the video. You probably already have it installed on your computer; however, if you need it, you can download it here for free.

The video, executive produced by Warrington Hudlin (of “House Party” and “Boomerang” fame)…


…also features bilingual spoken word duo Climbing PoeTree


…and Indo-soul diva, Anjali.


Now, here’s where we get revolutionary, folks…

We’re trying to get all the major music channels to play this video. It’s the antidote to all that ass. It has a message, not just about black ancestors watching, but ALL THE ANCESTORS—from Harriet to Frida to Gandhi to Martin—those who came before us, blazed trails of justice, fought against injustice, broke barriers in all their endeavors, and died for the sake of freedom, art, and expression so we could have those things as our birthrights as human beings. The world needs messages in the music like this.

When you visit the website, there’s a link you can click on the same page that will help encourage MTV, BET, and VH1 to play this important video. Yes, I know that Warrington’s brother Reginald Hudlin is the President of BET, so it might be assumed they’ll automatically play the video. However, we take nothing for granted. We assume no givens. The more these music channels hear that YOU want to see more images like this, the quicker they’ll get the message.

Get involved, people. Let’s get that revolution going we were talking about not so long ago in one of the comments section of this blog. This video is a flip side to all that pimp-talk in the past few weeks that had so many of you up in arms. Let’s make a difference. We can. All it takes is the click of a mouse. Pass the link to this blog post to your friends, family, loved ones, and colleagues. You can do so by clicking the little icon that looks like an envelope


at the end of this particular post. The icon to forward this as an e-mail is right beneath the words “link to this post.”

It’s time to start a movement, y’all. The kind that will do our ancestors proud…

(Big ups to my new peeps, Larry Lowe and Marvin Scott, who also acted as Producers on the video. These are some fierce brothers, for real, as I mentioned in a prior post. We’ve been collaborating on some things for the past few weeks, and I continue to be in slackjawed awe of the range of their creativity, business acumen, and influence. Thanks, Larry, for crafting some of the words used in this blog post.)

Ancestors Watchin’

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