>Jamie Foxx Parties Just As Much As You Think He Does.

>Yesterday’s Styles section of the New York Times featured an article on superstar Jamie Foxx and all the fun, fantabulous things that have been happening for him. During the course of this very good article, where we hear about career advice he’s received, life lessons, and also see him rocking some pretty nice clothes, we learn that (surprise!!!) Jamie also loves to get his party on.

Per the article, Foxx, talking about the much-gossiped about filming of the movie Miami Vice

…said the following:

“…most of the rumors are true: Colin is a great guy, and we were out a lot. But that’s what you’re supposed to do when you’re young and single and a movie star. That’s part of the territory. When you have the ability to go out with beautiful women, why shouldn’t you go?”

Exactly, Jamie. Exactly.

Go ‘head, boy!!! Enjoy the spoils of victory. Party ’til the wheels fall off. Or the draws.

Whichever drops first.

New York Times: All The Right Moves
Jamie Foxx.com

One thought on “>Jamie Foxx Parties Just As Much As You Think He Does.

  1. >fo' y'all say i'm hatin' on jamie…i just hope that HIS role on this new 'vice film isn't one of a supporting role to make colin farrell look good………and he ain't drivin' some cheap-ass caddy to colin drivin' some ferrari…sheeesh!


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