>G.O.O.D. Music.

>Check out this hot, brand-spankin’ new mixtape (…yeah, I’m that girl…I’m into mixtapes, aiight? and? so?).

It’s chockablock full of stuff from Kanye and the folks on his G.O.O.D. Music label (like John Legend and Common). Here’s a breakdown of the songs:

1. G.O.O.D. Music Takeover Intro
2. The Movement – Common
3. Hollywood – Sa-Ra
4. Cut That Out – Consequence
5. Do What We Do – Consequence
6. Corners (Back II Basics Remix) – Common and Kanye
7. They Say (Remix) – John Legend, Common and Consequence
8. She Don’t Have To Know – John Legend
9. Do The Math Freestyle – Consequence
10. (Getting Out My) Dreams Freestyle – GLC
11. Corners – Common and Kanye
12. Laid Back – Mr. Bentley
13. Get Em High (J. Period Remix) – Kanye
14. Get Em High (J. Period Remix) – Common
15. Testify – Common
16. Hold On (Remix) – Kanye West and Consequence
17. Gone – Kanye and Consequence
18. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly – Consequence and Kanye
19. Sunshine / 6th Sense (J. Period Remix) – Common
20. Beats By Kanye-O Interlude – J. Period
21. Wack Niggaz – Common, Kanye and Consequence
22. Jesus Walks (Remix) – Common
23. My Way Home – Common
24. My Way Home – Consequence
25. Drive Slow – Kanye and GLC (feat. Paul Wall)
26. Chi State of Mind – GLC
27. Clap Yo Hands – GLC (feat. Three 6 Mafia)
28. Stay Fly (From the Chi) Freestyle – GLC
29. Kryptonite Freestyle – GLC
30. Complex Magazine Interlude (Prod. Sa-Ra)
31. Star Warz – Sa-Ra
32. Liftoff Interlude
33. Spaceship – Kanye, GLC and Consequence
34. Sky High (Cloud 9 Remix) – John Legend (feat. Lauryn Hill)

This definitely looks like one to grab. I’d take it for Sky High (Cloud 9 Remix), Corners (both versions), and Spaceship alone. (I never get tired of Spaceship, no matter how much time passes. That song’s got dat fiyah, fa real.) Sure, I’ve got the original versions of most of this stuff on cd, but there’s something about a good mixtape. Noamsayin’?

I’m feeling real street today. Can you tell?

HipHopSite.Com: DJ J. Period (Of Zion I) – G.O.O.D. Music: Class of ’06 (Hosted by Kanye West)

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