Malik!!! Malik!!! Malik!!!

This guy’s practically family to me, so I’m extra thrilled about all the wonderful things he’s got going on. Who am I talking about? Why, none other than…

The fabulastic Malik Yoba.

Yup. He of the looming presence, unlimited charisma, multi-talents, and a super-sexiness that’s had the ladies swooning for more than a decade, is on the scene with two major happenings.

First off, he’s in a new show on FX called Thief.

…which debuts on Tuesday, March 28th at 10pm E/P.

Second, Malik and his very cool sister, Akoshia Yoba—who is quite a gifted writer, as is their mother, Mahmoudah Young; both women are also like family to me—have written a book together called…

Please Return My Phone Call:

Preventing The Demise Of Personal And Professional Relationships

[click image to enlarge]

The book is a valuable tool on both professional and personal levels. (I could certainly learn a thing or ten from it—I’ve been so swamped of late, I haven’t been able to play catch up on the volumes of calls and e-mails I’ve got piling up. Please bear with me, those of you to whom this might apply.) Malik has been conducting seminars and lecturing around the country on these important fundamental principles and strategies for building and maintaining thriving human relationships.

This is something we can all use, probably in more ways than one. I’ll be mentioning the book more as it becomes available at Be sure to put this one on your radar as a must-have. Do it for yourself. Do it for someone(s) who really needs to get the message.

Let’s see if we can help spread the word about the book and maybe unreturned calls will soon become a thing of the past!!

FX Networks: Thief
The Internet Movie Database: Malik Yoba

3 thoughts on “Malik!!! Malik!!! Malik!!!

  1. >Lo, thanks for the heads up. This looks like an interesting read. It made me think of a movie I saw many years ago (I think you would like this one) titled Denise Calls Up. Its a social comedy based around a series of phone calls from seven New Yorkers who manage to fall in and out of love, have a child and pursue deep, meaningful friendships…all without ever meeting, thanks to their portable phones, PCs, faxes and answering machines. Check it out if you can find it, it highlights how impersonal technology has allowed us to become.(swrjn)


  2. >Juan, I've actually seen that movie about three or four times, having caught it on cable often over the years. It was the movie where I first became familiar with the actor Liev Schreiber, if I recall correctly. And you're right, it was pretty cool the way they did everything without ever actually meeting.


  3. >not to take anything from your boy, malik and andre, BUT! why is it black actors are either serving the law in one show or breaking the law the next?….lolmalik: ny undercoverandre: homicide: life on the streetsnow they're "thieves"? or "thief", thank you…just kiddin' fellas. still gonna watch the show


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