Snakes On A Plane!!!!

Can’t wait to see this when it comes out. What started out as a flick with a ridiculous title is turning into a movie with such crazy buzz, it might turn out to be late summer’s super-huge hit. (I also love that the acronym for the movie is S.O.A.P. I know that doesn’t mean anything, it’s just that everything about this damn movie is goofy-cool, even it’s abbreviation. And it’s got Samuel L. Jackson, arguably the baddest cat to ever grace celluloid, so you just know he’s gonna rock this out!!!)

Snakes on a Plane: Official Website
The Internet Movie Database: Snakes on a Plane

One thought on “Snakes On A Plane!!!!

  1. >i've seen all kindsa stuff on this film, at first it was kind of a "eh", sorta film, but now with the internet buzz…the film has taken a cult status before it's released. the filmmakers are re-editing it with more horror and gore…and amp'd it up from a PG-13 rating to R. which is fine by me. ain' t NUTHIN' like a good R rated movie! which reminds me. gotta see V FOR VENDETTA, as well as INSIDE MAN….and I also can't wait to see LITTLE MAN. now, that movie is gonna be crazy!SAMUEL L. JACKSON IS THE MAN!!!!YA HURD!!!


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