Authors On A Plane!!!!!!

Heyyyyyyy…I’m not a snake!!! It’s the only graphic I could find as I taxi on the plane at JFK.

Needless to say, my blogging will be at a minimum today since I’m traveling, but I’ll write more later once I’m on terra firma (which will be hours from now, cross-country traveling and all).

Still, yesterday was a smash, and hanging with Marvin Scott and Larry Lowe, who had me laughing hysterically for most of the night (and, who, once again, had ALL THE MONEY…thanx fellas!!!), was the perfect capper.

More later!!!

6 thoughts on “Authors On A Plane!!!!!!

  1. >Well you know, if you keep selling all these books, we're going to have to let you pay soon. Or at least break out the white shorts. Always a pleasure!


  2. >Is that all it takes, LL? Me busting out the white shorts? Alas, I don't think they'll look the same way on me that they did in the pic, but I could pull it off in a top, no prob!!Hmmm, perhaps I should share with the Lo Zoners what the white shorts are. I think they might get a kick out of it.


  3. >Juan, wait'll you get a load-a them shorts. I'll post the blog tomorrow. It's sure to generate some conversation. I'd expect no less from you guys. I guarantee you will have MUCH to say about them.As for being a star in my galaxy…please. I'm happy to be twinkling aside all y'all. We're all shining out here together, reflecting nothing but good light and good love that all of us can feed off of to keep on rising.(Dang…that was kinda cool, even for me. But it's the truth…from one "star" to another!!)


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