From One Lo To Another.

So while I was hanging in NYC with Larry Lowe and Marvin Scott, Larry mentions that he hadn’t quite been able to do a rendering of himself South Park-style. So, being the kinda friend that I am, I figured I’d take a stab at it on his behalf.

Larry, behold thyself:

He’s quite sharp, isn’t he? The quintessential businessman, he is. And notice what he’s saying is cracking him up. He’s probably in the middle of recounting an incredibly entertaining tale. And his thumbs? Well, they’re busy shifting paradigms and all. Because that’s what cats like him and Marvin do. They keep you engaged even as they are in the process of changing the world. Plus Larry’s a fellow Libran, so you know he’s got this great, totally animated personality!!

Speaking of Marvin…now that I’ve done Larry, unless you stop me, I’m going to do you.

(Wait. Did I just make a double entendre?)

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