Big Love For The Ya-Ya’s.

Last night’s event at Eso Won Books was simply FANTASTIC!!!

Once again, the Ya-Ya’s, a book club that has come to mean so very much to me.

They put together a truly wonderful event. Diedre Ware and Sally Hernandez had this incredible spread of food: A yumtastic paella (!!!), chicken patties (a la West Indian style meat patties), wine, tea, and the most exquisite cupcakes (a variety that included chocolate with chocolate frosting, yellow with a fluffy whipped cream frosting, and RED VELVET cupcakes with cream cheese frosting). I was in HEAVEN. Sally Hernandez made the food. This woman is one of the most extraordinary cooks I’ve ever encountered. Her creations aren’t just delicious, they’re downright GORGEOUS. I’m talking multi-page spread in Gourmet magazine beautiful.

I was having such a great time with everyone who came and the fun discussion we had that I forgot to take pictures. Just take my word when I say it was one of the best times EVER. I made some new friends too. The Ya-Ya’s gave me a lovely gift box with sumptuous body cream, bath oil, and a deliciously fragrant candle, and Sally sent me home with a big plate of food and four of those gigantic, picture-perfect outstanding cupcakes. I was so afraid that they wouldn’t survive the drive home (lately I’ve been eating, as my father used to say, like a snaggletoothed mule…I’ve gained ten pounds since I started book tour, and I do not like to carry extra weight—I love fashion and looking fly too much—so these pounds HAVE. TO. GO).

Fortunately for me, there was a very nice gentleman at my signing (with the most make-you-melt smooth voice you’ve ever heard), actor Wren T. Brown

…along with his lovely mother, Rosalind. Turns out Wren is an old friend of my dear friend and brother, the very talented actor Michael DeLorenzo

The two of them go way, way back. So I called up Michael while I was with Wren at the bookstore. They played catch-up for quick bit and exchanged numbers, and Michael asked me to swing by afterwards to hang out for a bit.I did. And I gave him a big ol’ chocolate muffin (get your minds out of the gutter) when I got there. He devoured it, thus saving me from an additional 500 or 600-odd calories that I’d be wearing right now but for him. I ate half a red velvet cupcake on the drive to his house, and I ate the rest of it today. Two more cupcakes to go. Somebody needs to save me from myself!!

Ya-Ya’s, I LUH Y’ALL!!! You’re THE BEST!!! Thanks for making me feel like royalty. You ladies are truly, truly sent from above.

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3 thoughts on “Big Love For The Ya-Ya’s.

  1. >mmm, if you put cream cheese frosting on those cakes in those white shorts then I just might eat em . . . I'll eat damn near anything with cream cheese frosting. Dang, red velvet cupcakes.Lo, I can see I might have to do an intevention. "Put the plate down, Lo. Put it DOWN! Now, step back. That's it, nice and easy."Mad luv to you. These people are finally learning what I've known since I "danced across" the book store the first night I met you.Juan(cgamsjym)


  2. >Meeting you was a real joy, Juan. And look, here it is, nine years later, and it's just as fresh and fun as it was in the beginning.Mwwwwwwwwwah!!!


  3. >This looks like it was so much fun. Miss Files I wish I could be lucky enough to get to meet you. You're my favorite writer. Nobody comes close.


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