>For so many reasons. He’s my hero, my champion, my friend, my brother, my Bubby, my twin, my writer-in-arms—too many things to mention, none of which could ever sum up how much I adore him.

And lest some of you have your minds on the physical, I’m not even talking about that. Eric is one of the most wonderful people I know. He’s ridiculously supportive and encouraging. I love him beyond the scope of normal words and I’m proud of him on every level, so I just wanted to scream that out into cyberspace, the blogosphere, and the ether in general. I love him from the top of his locks to the tip of his Dickey toes. He’s my nukka. He’s my Bubby.

He’s The Man.

And you’re gonna see just how much The Man he is when you get your hands on his new book, Chasing Destiny.

It’s a major home run. The story is way powerful, entertaining, and intense. I had the pleasure of reading it early and, trust me, it’s THE SHIZZZZZZZZ, fa sho’. You have to get it. It’s going to blow you away. Seriously.

Mwwwwwwwwwah, Bubs!!!! Knock ’em dead out there. Again. You got this “bestseller” thing down to a science.

Eric Jerome Dickey.com
Amazon.com: Chasing Destiny

2 thoughts on “>I. LOVE. THIS. MAN.

  1. >Yeah, Eric continues to stretch himself with each new book. I know Eric through my sister Melanie and yes, you're right, he's good (no, excellent) people.That reminds me, I was supposed to have gotten my book a week ago. I guess they sent it by pony express from ATL. But I can't read his until I take in some Sex. Lies. Murder. Fame. Thesis is due 4/7 and I am going on a read-fest beginning 4/8.


  2. >You're gonna love his book when you read it, Juan. It's on fiyah. For real. Wait'll you see the stuff that goes on between those pages. I devoured the story when I read it.


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