The Return Of The Rat Eater.

Guess who wants more biscuits? Just made him a big plate and am about to drive them over.

Yeah. Uh-huh. So much for him questioning my cooking that very first time. That’s right. Go on…



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12 thoughts on “The Return Of The Rat Eater.

  1. >Okay, wait a minute. I must be slipping. So, let me get this straight. The nicca was tentative about your biscuits and then tried to at all of em. And now he want some more and you done cooked em up in the oben and are driving dem OVER der. mmm, this nicca betta be buying some Blahnik stappy stilletos or summin.Okay, that's the big brother in me.Peace,Juan


  2. >Yup he wanted more biscuits, Juan, and I drove 'em over. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be getting any Blahniks out of it (darnit!!) because he's more like a LITTLE BROTHER (you see that, Rat Eater?). I'm TOO GROWN for him. So I feed him biscuits to help him grow big and strong so someday he'll be able to handle a grown woman the next time he meets one. (LOL!!!!!)


  3. >They are TOTALLY homemade, LBoogie. I can make a biscuit with my eyes closed. And you're right…they're like kryponite. I've watched grown men fold up like lounge chairs over the sight of a hot fresh biscuit. Some actually shed tears. I imagine you could drape some biscuits over your body in just the right places, and a man would actually fall to his knees and become your willing slave.There's just something about a black man and a biscuit.


  4. >Okay, I am going to really show my age and countriness here. Does anyone remember King syrup in the red can? Boy, "Big Momma" (she was no relation) used to make pans of biscuits and we chil'ren would sit around with a glass of milk and some hot biscuits and King syrup. Damn, those were the days.


  5. >Juan, I remember King syrup!! Good as all get out!! My favorite way to eat biscuits (I'm really a southern girl) is to have them with Alaga syrup. It's cane syrup that comes in a bottle with a red label. Biscuits and Alaga? Oooooooooooooooh-weeeeeeeeee!!! I always keep a bottle of it in the cabinet. Now that's good eatin'!!!


  6. >Oh, you're right!!! Cachaca is a sugar cane liqueur/rum, and it's my favorite (the liquor used in caipirinhas). Wow, Juan. How keen an eye you have!!!


  7. >i might try that with king syrup or alaga syrup. for me, it's grandma molasses. yeah, talk about take me home, country road. any y'all sop up a biscuit in molasses b'fo, with some fried fatback bacon on the side? now, that good eatin' and that's southern too!!!!!


  8. >Fatback is good, Lance. I prefer bacon with the rind on it. There's a butcher here in the South Bay that I go to whenever I'm craving rind bacon to go with my biscuits and syrup. Yup, I'm that girl, fa sho'. Southern through and through, and I make no apologies for it.


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