CGI Dinosaurs vs Dinosaur Punani: (Apparently) No Contest.

I guess folks would rather see prehistoric furry animals than a prehistoric furry peeper an actress in a played-out role. And who can blame them?

The people have spoken.

Ice Age: The Meltdown
Sony Pictures – Basic Instinct 2

6 thoughts on “CGI Dinosaurs vs Dinosaur Punani: (Apparently) No Contest.

  1. >Yeah, the multiplex near my house was sold out way past the time the kids were in bed so it was every body going to see that. And the kids will see it multiple times.I must say the guerilla marketing for this film has been a home run. The promos were like mini-movies and have been on screen for a while now. It paid off.As far as the Flinstone booty, I kinda sorta maybe wanted to see Basic Instinct as the preimse looked interesting but I guess I was one of the few who did.(bhwvyg)


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