I’m "Bejeweled"!!!

Check out these gorgeous earrings sent to me by Lo Zone reader and friend, Janeth Walker. (Yeah, that’s me wearing them…that’s my long neck.)

Jan is a part of the lovely book club I posted about a few weeks ago, Reading Group of Sisters and Friends, who hosted me to discuss my new book, Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame.

But enough about me and my new book. Back to Jan. She’s the one who flew in from South Carolina to surprise her book club when I visited with them. That’s her there with the red arrows pointing at her.

Aren’t the earrings she sent lovely? They’re made with dynamic crystals from Swarovski that change color according to the light.

They can appear to be light blue one moment and light violet the next. Gorgeous!! I love them. I lean towards earrings that hang, so these are just my type.

You guys should check out the incredible creations from her Bejeweled line of products. She’s got a whole array of fantastic works of art that are sure to accentuate in the best way.

She can be reached at:


Smooches, Jan!!! You’re the bomb!!!

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3 thoughts on “I’m "Bejeweled"!!!

  1. >i'm curious. would those earrings (being crystal) reflect the color of what you are wearing? i assume that the crystal is "clear", yes? and if you're wearing a "red" dress, would the dress' color be satuated into the crystal, making the crystal earring "red"? that would be cool for matching accessories for any color even white, which the crystal would be "clear", i guess….


  2. >Lance, I believe they stay in the blue-purple family. They're so lovely. I wore them with some jeans one day and the blue was so pronounced. Then I wore a lavender top with them, and I'll be damned if the earrings didn't look lavender too!!! Love 'em.


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