5 thoughts on “>"We’ve Been On The Rocks For 15 Years."

  1. >"Not in a million years will we fight over money." Can Russell be that naive? Divorce and death bring out the true greed in people, so unless they got a serious pre-nupt (or post-nupt) this could be bery bery bery ugerly.(rydhizq)mmm, ride his q? wonder what that is


  2. >Juan, I read that and thought the same thing. I mean, this is the woman that licked every Krispy Kreme donut on the set of "Life & Style" just to keep the other people from touching them. Mind you, they weren't donuts she brought in herself. She was just claiming the right to them. Hell hath no fury like a soon-to-be ex who suddenly sees the public favoring you and your pretty new girl. Things can get "ugerly," indeed.


  3. >Damn. For real? A sistah obviously missed out on some vital info. Thanks for stopping in, Real Brother. Love your righteous website. Lance, have you checked it out? You'll dig it, fa sho!!


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