Check Out My Podcast On AOL Black Voices!!!

The debut podcast at AOL Black Voices’ Books Channel Blog, “More Than Words,” is up and running.


It features ME being interviewed by the very cool Ken Gibbs Jr. We discuss, among other things, my new book, Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame.

I had great fun in the interview with Ken. He was so easy to talk to with that butter-smooth voice of his.

Click here to go to Ken’s blog, More Than Words and listen to the podcast.

And visit Ken’s More Than Words blog on a regular basis. I think what Ken’s going to be doing over there is brilliant. Great things are definitely ahead.

Funny aside: the interview was conducted by phone, and at one point, a couple of my dogs had a mini-squabble in the background—something they rarely ever do. They were fighting over a hot dog. (Yeah, it’s like that around here…hot dogs hang from the furniture and fried chicken grows on trees. You’d fight too if you lived in my snack-filled sanctuary.) Anyway, you’ll hear the dogs at some point. It’s quick, but my poopers managed to make their presence known.

AOL Black Voices’ Books Channel Blog: More Than Words: Lolita Files Interview Sex.Lies.Murder.Fame.

6 thoughts on “Check Out My Podcast On AOL Black Voices!!!

  1. >that was a good podcast interview gal.i've been meaning to ask you about the kanye option deal on COG, but now i know. *** and of course, you know i gotta spread some love on your work to the masses.***


  2. >Lo, just listened to the cast. You give great "broadcast." The brother that conducted the interview was good too, I am not on AOL so I am so out of touch with everything but I was very impressed.


  3. >Thank you, Juan. And yeah, Ken was mad cool. He made it very easy for me to chat away. Did you hear my momentarily maniacal dogs?


  4. >Actually, I don't know if they "filtered" them out or if I was just so tuned in to what you guys were saying that I didn't hear them.I turn thesis in tomorrow — wish me luck.


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