>Here Comes The Neighborhood.


Guess who just moved to my area?


Yup. Rap’s MVP himself, The Game. He has set up house in Glendale, the very cool, gorgeous suburb where I live that’s located in the world famous (San Fernando) Valley


…right next to Burbank and just a skosh from Pasadena.

Per the LA Times:

Compton-born gangsta rapper Jayceon Taylor (a.k.a. the Game) says he is “about peace, not war” — especially on the home front. And his home is now in Glendale, where he has purchased a residence for just under $2 million.

The split-level contemporary, built in the late ’50s but recently remodeled, has three bedrooms and five bathrooms in nearly 5,000 square feet.

The kitchen overlooks a great room adjoining the living and dining rooms. The house also has a game room with direct access to a swimming pool and a garden. A terrace at the rear of the house has a barbecue, TV and sound system.

How cool is that? I wonder if Game has been learning any of Glendale’s great history, like the fact that it has the third largest Armenian population outside of Armenia. I hope ol’ boy likes hummus

…’cause there’s a whole helluva lot of it in these parts. I certainly enjoy the stuff (now). How could I not? Everything you buy here comes with some on the side.

Perhaps I’ll run into him at the grocery store or the Glendale Galleria. Let’s hope he didn’t see that “just jokes” blog post I did a couple months back on him and Dan Rather.


And if he saw it, hopefully it made him laugh. ‘Cause a negress don’t want no trouble up in The ‘dale. I like Game. Really I do. I’m a fan of living his music. His shit’s got that fiyah. Shole do, shole do.

(While you bullshittin’ though, and I swear this is the truth just as sure as my real name is Lolita Files—and that is my real name, I heard a gunshot this past Monday night around 8pm. Freaked me and my dogs out, as well as every other dog in the neighborhood. I’ve lived in The ‘dale for two years now, and I’ve never heard one gunshot. It’s way peaceful and lovely over here. Suddenly I hear one, then wake up the next day and read that Game now lives here. Coincidence? I don’t know. But it was kinda odd timing. I’m just sayin’…)

Los Angeles Times.com: $25 mil divided by two
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9 thoughts on “>Here Comes The Neighborhood.

  1. >looks like the bruh, has his heads on his shoulders. investing wisely, movin' on up and out. but that hummus deal sounds like some 'ol ralph kramden and ed norton brokeback shit….hummus, hummus, hummus!WAY TO THE GO THERE RALPHIE BOY!!!!


  2. >Sound like you braggin' bout where u live…more than concern for the neighbor "hood" (I'm just sayin'…)But ain't nobody hatin'cause a girl gotta get outta the "ghetto" when she got six faboulous best sellin' books…with a new one added to the list…"That Tastes Like Chicken" "Sex, Lies, Murder and Fame"…guns and bullets don't discriminate…they gotta have a place to live too…The "Dale" ain't nothing but yo new ghetto…(I'm just sayin'…)Point? Why intimate that The Game is bringing the neighborhood down…(I'm just sayin'…)


  3. >LOL. Damn. I guess realityspeaks told me. Bottom line, though, is I wasn't running from the 'hood when I moved to Glendale. I'm from the 'hood so you can't run from what's in you. What did attract me to The 'dale were the pretty mountains, the greenery, and the proximity to so many other things. I grew up in South Florida and we didn't have mountains, so I'm still in awe every time I see one. There are mountains practically at the end of every street over here. So I like it. And if you noticed the heading of my blog post, it was "Here Comes The Neighborhood," not the traditionally downputting "There Goes The Neighborhood." I saw Game coming as something cool that would give Glendale flavor. It wasn't me bragging about my area—LA is chockful of areas like mine (which is why I put up that map of the Valley so people could see just how many there are). Glendale could stand some color and some Game. But the truth of the matter is I DID hear a shot the night before I read that Game had moved to Glendale. I've never heard a shot here before. That doesn't mean there haven't been any. There are write-ups every day in the paper about Armenian gangs. But I've never heard a shot. The timing was funny. I would not be being me if I didn't make a crack about it. I'm not one to intimate. I usually just come right out and say things. If I thought Game was bringing the neighborhood down, the post would have been titled, "Aw Sh*t, That's It!! I'm Moving!! That's not how I feel, and I wasn't trying to imply that between the lines, above them, around them, or anywhere else. The people that read this blog on a regular basis know I'm a pretty straight shooter.


  4. >Touche!I guess you got me right too!And you know what? You came off so humble and real…I love it.I like your style and I am a loyal and dedicated Lolita Files fan.You caught my attention with Scenes. I saw you doing work in NYC up in Harlem. I knew you would go the distance and get better and better.Thank you for the insight. I can relate to not having seen mountains and being totally fascinated with them…I felt like that when I traveled through Japan and saw Mount FujiYama…and flying from Paris to Rome and looking out the aircraft window and seeing the Swiss Alps…I was in awe and amazed by nature and GOD most of all. Truly inspiring.As for "Straight Shooter" I wrote some other comments that might sting you a bit…it was not my intention to insult you and I was calling like I saw it…how ever after going back and really studying The Lo Zone I had a new paradigm.Your wit is infectious and soulful.I am publishing a new magazine WOMANPOWER MAGAZINE the global network…of course there is a book club and I would like to interview you and talk about you the writerand your new book.I will forward the blog to my list…I had to rethink my opinion after going through the entire blog. It pulls you end…cause it is funny as hell. So any way let me know…we will need a photo and I can send you a set of questions that you can answer or we can schedule something for my radio show or both.Peace and Hollywood success cause I think if there is any fucking going on in Hollywood you definitely will not be the fuckee.


  5. >Awww, realityspeaks…thank you soooo much for that incredibly sweet post. It was really nice of you to come back and post again after taking a longer stroll through The Lo Zone and getting a better feel of what I'm about.I can understand how someone just popping in for a quick read without being completely familiar with how I get down could misunderstand where I'm coming from. I've got a twisted sense of humor. It takes reading a few blog posts to feel the rhythm of this place. Not just my rhythm, but the rhythm of regular posters like Lance, Juan, LBoogie, Anonymous (all of them), J, Victoria, LL, Cortney, Mel, Bumblelicious, newcomers like Matt, etc. If you read something one of us says and never go deeper, it might seem like we're some snarky, vicious folks, but we're so not that. Not at all. This is The Lo(ve) Zone. For real. And we're happy to have you in the house.No harm no foul on the other comments you wrote that you felt might sting. I totally understand. I might have been the same way if I was visiting this blog for the very first time.And yes, there's something about seeing God's handiwork—mountains, large bodies of water, Japan, The Alps—that makes you want to be as close to it as you can get. That feeling comforts me. I am strongly influenced by my surroundings, and seeing nature like puts me at ease.As for your magazine…CONGRATS!!! It's always good to see folks doing their thing. I'd love to do an interview with you in whatever forum you choose. Just let me know where to send the pic. You can send me the questions at my main e-mail address: SoulSustuh@aol.com.Thanks again for being such an avid supporter of my work and strong believer in my creative abilities, and extra thanks for taking the time to get to know me and The Lo Zone better. Hopefully you'll become a regular part of the community.


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